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Hot And Sweaty With A Real GTO In Bangkok Adrenaline

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Shooting today was something to look forward to - being an old V8 buff I was happy when I was told the original modern BMW for this scene had been replaced with an original GTO. GREAT!


Pontiac GTO V8 Muscle Car On The Film Trailer

Great until they squeezed seven (7) guys into it, one all bloody and wounded, in the Bangkok heat, with hot vinyl seats.... urrghhhh.....

Hot vinyl seats, dark blue paint job, black interior and 7 big sweaty guys crammed into the car, add in the Bangkok heat and humidity and you have a sweat machine.


Daniel O'neill stands around waiting while the film crew readies the car

7 big guys in the car? Well not really. 6 in the car, with Mike (Jaques) with fake blood all over him and coming from his neck and Daniel shooting most of the day running after the car. Then when he catches us he gets.... no that would be giving the movie away a little bit.


Six Big Sweaty Guys In The GTO - Jaques Stop Bleeding On Me! 

Even though the day was only an easy shoot (I think I had 3 lines) and we spent half the day sitting around eating and rehydrating (drinking water) when I got home I drank about a litre of water, ate quickly and then collapsed into sleep for about 3 hours, exhausted from the heat.


Mike (Jaques) and Lex (Hans) In Costume After The Shoot

The GTO was driven up on a trailer and parked there, the camera was set up next to us looking in the passenger window to start with while we did the dialogue. Then after we were shot from front on with Daniel chasing us, we did lots of shoots on this one, but that's what Dan gets when he says he has not been training enough... as the Thais say.. .Som Nom Na (serves yourself right) :)


 Here's Looking At You Baby

The problem with the V8 engine was sound. the sound guy - Paul Clark (Clakers) - a fellow Aussie in this case, had to get us to speak up as loud as possible without yelling, then we ended up doing the shots again with the engine off. Paul then went on and taped some engine noises later to dub back in at a moderate sound level - a professional at work...


Paul Clark Our Truly Professional Sound Department

Funny part was during the shooting with Dom, who is a very well known actor in Thailand, and is the main opponent to Nicholas Cage in "Bangkok Dangerous 2007". While we were shooting the car scene we parked on the side of the road where all these school children were passing. All the girls where giggling and pointing, whispering amongst themselves. They clearly recognised Dom. Dom was perfectly casual about it and kept a straight face. Then one little fat boy called out Nahluk Muk (spelling?) which means very cute, Dom just casually ignored it as did everyone else - except Gwion who siezed the opportunity "Hey Dom, I think that fat little gay kid likes you." We all cracked up, Dom kept his composure and gave us a smile in return.


Dom, Conan And Eric

Keep tuned for your weekly updates, next week is a scene we were giggling our tits off as we wrote so there should be some entertaining photos.

I believe the fight scenes for Bangkok Adrenaline are the week after. 

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