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Sunday, 08 May 2011

Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly each day creeps by at the moment.... It's like Christmas is coming... but way better.

Tonight, in fact in a few hours I make my appearance on Game of Thrones as Ser Gregor Clegane and I spit on your fan mourned dire wolf death last episode. The Mountain will outclass that.

More importantly this site is about to be hit by a ton of HBO audience who have never heard of me before when I burst upon their screens and the audience screams in unison who was that bastard?

Ignoring Gregor for a minute you can find out who the handsome devil behind the cruel bastard is with not one, not two but FOUR interviews all appropriately timed, imagine that, for my appearance on HBO.

Yes I am as cunning as Tyrion..... 

The first two interviews you'll have trouble getting a hold of.

First is in the Thai edition of Men's Health in Thailand, written in Thai so that likely leaves you bugger all chance of (a) getting it and (b) understanding it.

The second interview is a follow up by Tiger Airways (Singapore) inflight magazine "Tiger Tales" of their original interview with me from back in April 2007 when I first started making waves in the Asian movie scene.  So you won't be seeing that for a little while.

Third interview is with FILMI GIRL'S Bollywood blog  and we go into detail and behind the scenes in the two big budget Hindi movies I worked in Drona And Chandni Chowk To China , with two of the biggest names in Indian cinema Abhishek Bachchan and Akshay Kumar respectively. The interview is very well done, very well written and I even mention how the Hindi films helped me get into Game of Thrones, so if you're a Game of Thrones fan pop over and have a read. Here's an excerpt: 

Conan did chat with the “tall, blonde, and beautiful” English gymnast who was training the Khiladi ..... When [the gymnast] walked in with Akshay, they assumed she was the star and handed Akshay a camera and asked him to take photos of the staff with her. Some of the Indian crew looked on in horror at this faux pas while Akshay just smiled a huge smile and took some photos for them.”

Conan is philosophical about his career of playing the evil Bollywood whitey. “Working in Thai films before I worked in Indian film had well and truly prepared me to play the evil, white guy. In fact, in Western films I play exactly the same role so nothing much changes for me.” The 7-foot tall ex-wrestler is clearly a threatening on-screen presence in any language! “I just thought of something - for CC2C I must have been the ultimate bad white guy then as I played an albino!”

Conan As Asura In Hindi Movie Drona                 Beaten Up And Bloody

Conan Stevens in Bollywood Films Drona and Chandni Chowk To China 

As I said pop over and visit Filmi Girls Blog to learn more about my time in Hindi Cinema and a great deal of insight into the backend of the movie scene from an insiders point of view.

And last but definitely not least the fourth Conan interview is on, now this is a site specialised in all things Game of Thrones and the A Song Of Ice And Fire book series by George R.R. Martin that the show is based on. The qestions are well thought out and will give you a great background on what it took to secure the role, what my daily life is like and a descent amount of what went on behind the scenes concerning the armour, the casting, pretty much everything. Packed full of solid info, and a few exclusive pictures......

Well you know Loras is a rather attractive knight and all that so I thought I’d see if Gregor could tempt Loras away from Renly…


We know that a fan let you know about the TV show being greenlit, and you started campaigning early, culminating with an audition for the pilot as Khal Drogo. What was your thinking behind pursuing that, and what was the process like of chasing down that opportunity?

My online petition started way before that, it started with a fan letting me know that the show was being considered. I wrote an article on my site and Search Engine Optimised (SEO) the article so that I would be noticed if anyone searched for the name of Ser Gregor Clegane.Like pretty much all my life plans I had no idea how to take it to the next level or how to contact anyone involved. Writing this article let others find me though.

And they did.


Now that we have a second season, what do you hope Gregor will be doing in it?

First of all the scenes from season 1 that we did not get a chance to shoot.

Lots more, it like Filmi Girls interview is very long with tons of real info and no fluff, so go read it at

As for the days ande hours crawling by slowly..... well that is another well timed news release that no one will miss - "Conan The Internet Marketer" will take care of that.

Big thanks to those who interviewed me and help me become the Internet star that I am becoming (one day I'll even become a movie star to match.)

Cheers everyone. 

P.S. There are some old TV interviews on my Youtube channel Part 1 and Part 2. The movie I reference in this interview was the new Conan movie starring Jason Momoa (who plays Khal Drogo - the character I originally auditioned from in Game of Thrones) that I did not end up playing in due to circumstances at that time.

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