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True Legend Released In Selected US Cinemas Today

Friday, 13 May 2011

The Wuxia/Kung Fu movie, True Legend, that aired in Asian cinemas a year ago is now airing in selected US cinemas from today .

To read more about the making, filming and Asian distribution of True Legend, but first a funny story about when I watched the movie at the cinema in Thailand.....

I had a very good friend bring her younger sister down to the beachside town where I live for a holiday, her school aged sister had never seen the ocean before. So I took them both to see "True Legend" at the local cinema, my friend had an idea that I was in the film but her sister did not.

When I came onscreen in the cinema I saw her eyes go wide then she looked at me, looked at the screen, looked at me, looked at the screen and then ever so politely whispered to her sister if that was me on the screen.

I thought that would really make her holiday something special, when she went back to school she would have have heaps to talk about :)  Also gave my friend a lot of 'face' in front of her family.

We filmed True Legend in China, in one of the satellite cities of Beijing. It was a ton of fun for me going from the hot, humid tropical hot season in Thailand to the Chinese extras ice skating on the frozen ponds outside the studio.

A Western review of True Legend can be read on  

True Legend with David Carradine

Conan Stevens And David Carradine In True Legend 

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In other exciting news I just spent 6 hours going through all my old emails from 2005 onwards, deleting non-essentials and got my email client down from 1.48Gb done to a much more respectable 886Mb. 

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