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Spartacus Vengeance ft. Conan Stevens on 9th Mar 2012 on STARZ

Friday, 02 March 2012

Spartacus Vengeance episode 207 will air about 2 weeks later in New Zealand on "The BOX" network.

Finally after waiting only 6 months since the end of filming and announced my Spartacus debut, 7 months since I signed the Spartacus contract, and only 8 months since I first auditioned I will be appearing on STARZ, the US national cable network, for Spartacus Vengence.

And of course my original contact with some Spartacus casting people was over a year before that. Work hard do I? Patience Have I? Well it was better than the 3 years it took from start to finish with "Game of Thrones" with HBO.

This is my biggest role to air yet, and as you can guess I am bloody excited about it....


There is some confusion to the seasons with some people referring to this as season 3. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena was the second block of the Spartacus TV show to air but this was in fact a prequel due to the unfortunate illness and untimely death of the original actor cast as Spartacus - Andy Whitfield. RIP young sir. I can only imagine the feeling of achieving your goals only to find yourself faced with a battle with cancer.

So now the new season is coming out? What next for me? How does this affect me? (You can watch the entire season 02 trailer here)

Well first of all I want to watch it myself, I want to see how well my performance translates to the screen. I did watch some of the footage playback on the day of filming and was pleased with it, but I was running high on emotions that day as I was playing a difficult, but suitable, role. 

It is my best acting role to air yet, it was difficult for several reasons which will become apparent upon watching it, the emotions and bringing the emotions of a person like that were difficult for me as the character, once revealed, was far from my own personality and very much against my personal moral code.

Secondly I will be airing on a national US network and should have approximately 2.5 million viewers watching the show the first weekend and over 4 million views for that episode in total - in the US alone. For reference since I started this website I have had 2.37 million visitors to this particular site and another 1/2 million to associated sites that carry my name.

Spartacus: Vengeance is also airing in NZ about 2 weeks behind the US schedule - meaning most of the people I am currently working with on the filming of "The Hobbit" will see me in my best role yet on National TV in NZ. Credibility rises at the thought.

Most importantly who will be watching Spartacus: Vengeance 207? More than a few people in the industry and I will definitely be noticed, my role is what I call a pretty decent role, an American  previously described it as a "guest starring role" though being Australian I tend to be understated and would prefer to wait to see the final edit before making such a bold claim.

Last this adds to my Western movie fantasy/action genre credit collection nicely - Hobbit, Game of Thrones, and recently Vikingdom. See a pattern?

I'm playing a stereotype? I've heard that before. Apparently, according to some advice, I should take a baby movie or love story role to show that I am a "real" actor. Really?

Would you hire this man to play romantic lead?

Conan As Asura In Hindi Movie Drona   GameOfThrones_Teaser03_Screencap_31.png   GameOfThrones_BehindTheScenes01_Screencap23.png


  Die Spaniard   True Legend with David Carradine   vikingdom

Stereotype or Market Niche?

Or I could follow my plan to get known in hollywood as the go to guy when a big sword wielding manic is required. Stick to my market niche, you know, the one I carved out by myself for myself over 25 years (currently) of living my life with this goal in mind.

When was the last time the CEO of IBM said "Right, it seems that when people hear IBM they think of computers so we are going to start making baby formula and valentines day cards so that people think of us as more than just computers."

Sounds like a daft idea when it's put it like that, doesn't it? Seems like I might not be as stupid as some people think I am.

This Spartacus: Vengeance role will provide highly suitable footage to open the audition door for the next swords and sandals movie that I am very interested in working in - the sequel to the 300 movie - 300: Battle for Artemisia!

And that was the entire aim of getting in Spartacus: Vengeance.

To use the acting/fight footage from Spartacus to show that I can do these roles well. To use an old door to door sales analogy, it'll allow me to wedge my foot in the door.  (That's not the only thing I learned from the old style direct marketers - take from another profession and adapt it to your own, people think you are innovative, and it gives you a competitive edge as you'll have tools others aren't even aware of.)

Don't you love it when a plan starts to come together after years and years of planning and working, remember this is far from an overnight success or luck.

US readers can watch the first episode of SpartacusVengence online for free at the STARZ website now if you have not already seen it.

PS Getting in the 300 sequel would be funny as the article I wrote on the 300 movie is the most successful in terms of attracting traffic that I have ever written on this website.

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