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Finished Filming On Spartacus - Spectacular

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I finished filming on Spartacus Season 02 today (hopefully - waiting for the rushes to be checked)  and I have to say this is going to be an awesome piece of footage. The other actors I worked with were great upcoming stars, the stuntmen easy going, the Directors very approachable and helped me be my best. My makeup artist went beyond the call of duty, the Producers looked after my ridiculous dietary requirements, AD's were so helpful, as were catering and the Doof Doof boys. In fact everyone made my work very enjoyable and hassle free.

Fantastic. It was such a pleasure working as part of the team all pulling in the same direction....

And that is what film making is all about or rather should be about.

Teamwork, everyone working to make the best product possible by doing the best job they are capable of.

For example, one female actor I was working with did such a strong performance she had myself and more than a few other team members moved to the point of tears, it was a very strong performance, incredibly believable, incredibly moving.

Then the cameras were reversed and the focus was on me - how could I possibly not deliver the best performance of my life after she had given so much?

A team like that inspires actors to do more than "a job".

So this is my chance to say thankyou to everyone involved AND I just wanted to mention that one of the Directors, Jesse, is the first Director I have ever heard call a fight a "story". As an ex-pro Wrestler I have always said that every fight should tell a mini story, with ups and downs and changes in the balance of power to keep the audience enthralled. No wonder Spartacus has a well deserved reputation for "OMG did you see that!" style fight scenes.

Also to note is that the 2nd camera unit is unofficially called "Gorilla Unit", again emphasising the strong bias towards good fight scenes.

I obviously cannot say anything about the filming, script, character or anything but I can say that this will be my best acting, and probably fighting, showreel so far. And for that one cynical disillusioned 'friend' - lol, no I am not an extra.

This will air I believe around March 2012 in the US.

I believe this performance is so strong that I intend to use it as my audition tape for upcoming projects that I have on my hit list.

Again I learned so much from my various co-workers that I see my acting skills increasing every day.

I feel so much more confident in my abilities as an actor after this difficult (for me) shoot and have absolutely loved being a part of this show.

Again THANK YOU to everyone involved, I am over the moon :D

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