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Bangkok Adrenaline Cinema Release Today

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bangkok Adrenaline is finally released today 14th May 2009. 3 nights ago I attended the preview screening, held at Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

First up I was surprised, as this was the first I have heard about it, but the marketing team had decided to use me as the centre piece for some of the advertising  posters, apparently they see me as being a minor celebrity here and thought I would be better known to the Northern audiences, since I have been in a few big budget releases already.

Bangkok Adrenaline Conan Poster 2

Conan With Conan Advertising Cut Out

So what did I think of the final edit? 

Personally I think the movie is OK, not great but definitely watchable, better than some of the other cinema release stuff I have seen in this country. The Thai audience (the preview and all showings are dubbed into Thai) laughed a great deal throughout the movie and seemed to honestly enjoy it.

It also seems that my character in the movie was generally liked, generating my own share of laughs and giggles from the audience.


Bangkok Adrenaline Preview Media Presentation 

The final edit changed a heck of a lot from the original Bangkok Adrenaline script  with a few changes generating some complaints like the now slow start with us arriving in Bangkok as backpackers rather than the straight action start that we had planned with the four foreign characters being introduced in full action or comedy short skits as the movie/characters intro.

Some scenes were cut out and some well known Thai comedians were placed into the movie, which had us foreigners staring and wondering while filming but had the Thai audience in stitches. Funnily enough one of the Thai comedians with a lot of experience was trying to tell me how to overact my crying scene, I pretty much ignored him much to his disgust then at the appointed time I placed a small piece of crushed chilli into a glass of water then dripped a few drops into each eye - instant red eyes and tears. The crowd loved it and burst into laughter on that scene, and I got it in one take.

A Tuk Tuk fight scene was added by Thai action Director Pangrit Sangcha, this went down very well with everyone in the audience with a mix of action and comedy. The fast that the Tuk Tuk (small 3 wheeled vechile used as a taxi) tipped over and could easily have seriously injured the stunt actors on the day was overlooked, luckily their own dexterity and siuational awareness saved them.

Some of the other scenes I thought could have been improved, but considering the total chaos and very hectic shooting schedule all in all I believe things turned out well for the circumstances.

Now the last thing is to wait and see how the cinema takings are and how well it is received throughout the entire country. 

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