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Friday, 18 January 2008

This week just gone it seems like I have already reneged on my previous post that I was going to be a lot more active on the website.

That would be because we are finally finishing filming of Bangkok Adrenaline!!! 

Yes, finally after a nine month movie delay things are getting finished.

We shot two days this week - only two days? Well actually four days squeezed into two. 6am pickups and returning home at 1am next morning, add in extra long sleeps on the days between and it is just over half my week gone.

Sunday, tomorrow, we do another long day and that should provide enough footage to do a final, Thai release edit, as now there is talk of doing a seperate International edit with additional filming as the local sense of humour would not be appreciated in the West, and the Western sense of humour is totally lost on most Thai people. 

I have a bunch of photos and some interviews that I will  post up when I write a full report, and the video interviews will be going into the Conan Stevens Online Video Library.

Also this week I was called up and asked to work on an LG TV Commercial shooting for the US (and UK?, probably international) markets. The shooting was part of a series of 5 I believe plus the associated print and web media, of course being in Asia we got paid crap money and won't be seeing any additional payments for each market it is  used in, nor will we be seeing payment for other media (print, web, etc). Likely someone local will collect the monies on our behalf and 'forget' to pass them along.

For me now I do not see Asia as a potential lifelong source of work, but mearly as a stepping stone, a place to continue getting footage and experience whilst I prepare for my trip to the UK later this year. After that I doubt I will return to Thailand as a base, though I am considering other areas in the region depending upon my requirements and whether the Writers Guild Of America has finished their strike by then.

So what is next for me?

Well I am off the Myanamar (Burma) for the Australia Day dinner at the Australian embassy and to check out the country, meet some of the prominent ex-pats living there and consider it for a place for a stay for a while, new culture, new people and new food - could be nice for a change. 3 weeks after that I fly to Cambodia again for a bit more of a look around the country for the same reasons as above. My previous trips to Cambodia have left me with a good impression of the place.

Though in all reality Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia would probably make the best alternative base as it is a major airline travel hub, Malaysia is quite Westernised  and very modern, as an ex-colony of England English is spoken widely, Australia has good relations with Malaysia (helpful as I am Australian) and they shoot MANY commercials and films in Malaysia and best of all they pay well and they pay fairly - what a difference that last point alone would make.

Basically cast around the area and personally go see how the film industry in each area is positioned.

Just got a call to see if I can film for a day on the 27th Jan, the day that I return from Myanamar, just waiting now to see if they can shoot my scene in the afternoon, otherwise I'll have to miss it. 

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