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Drona Release On 2nd October 2008

Friday, 19 September 2008

YES! Drona is releasing in 2 weeks time, more showreel for me.

Today I scoured the web for information and it seems that my name is all over the place in connection with this Drona movie, great, it will be nice to see if the website traffic from India suddenly increases in 2 weeks time... I certainly am hoping it will.

Also I found the new theatrical trailer and a couple of released photos, so I can display these without breaking my NDA.

Conan As Asura In Hindi Movie Drona

Conan Stevens As An Asura (Mythical Demon)

Nice make up job huh? They are, in fact they were made by Connelly Makeup FX Team Pty Ltd when I was back in Sydney, Australia for the "Berlin" shows with Sydney Dance Company.

Making Of My Character in Drona

 Making Of The Asura Prosthetic Mask

The mask took quiet a time to put on for shooting, around 2 hours if I remember correctly, maybe more. Once the movie comes out and the NDA lifts I will put a a bunch of photos of the stages of putting on the mask as well as the actual day I went in for a "fitting" ie A plaster cast was made of my head and teeth.

The finished product was quiet a sight, all were extremely impressed "on the day" (this is a movie term that refers to the shooting day).

Drona Asura Close Up

And now with little further ado I bring you the theatrical trailer for the Drona movie, you can see me in brief action in seconds 57 to 59 in the trailer. I am surprised that I appeared at all as my appearance in the movie is supposed to be somewhat of a surprise... at least that is what I thought...

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