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E-Tim Tai Nae

Friday, 21 November 2008

About 2 months ago now I travelled to Pattaya City for a day to film in the Thai movie E-Tim Tai Nae, the Director asked for me directly as I have worked with him before, so no casting involved just a negotiation on pay and how many days they want me for filming.

E-tim Tai Nae Movie Poster

E-Tim Movie Poster 

Turns out that the first time I was due to film was just after I returned from my latest trip to Australia, and ended up not being able to shoot as I had contracted Chicken Pox. Luckily for me they held the part and filmed later so I was able to appear in the movie...

The movie E-Tim Tai Nai, is written by and starring a comedian, Udom Taepanich (Nose). Nose plays a boxer, Ei-Ting, participating in a boxing show in Pattaya. He meets a Japanese tourist named Itemi (Asuka Yanagi) or E-Tim and falls head over heels for her. At the end, Ei-Ting has to prove his love for E-Tim and to prove himself in the Muay Thai ring.

At the beginning of the movie Udom's character Ei-Ting fights in a popular beer bar area of Pattaya, the shows are put ons for drunken tourists and are more for show than for real. Udom takes this a step much further and in the film the shows are complete put ons, until his partner gets injured and Ei-Ting needs to find a new sparring partner.

Pattaya Muay Thai Boxing Ring

Muay Thai Ring Next To Famous Dollhouse A Go Go 

First off he gets the skinny as a rake, spectacled ice boy and beats up on him, until a hulking tourist from the audience yells a challenge to Ei-Ting who mouths off back not realising what he is getting into until it is too late for him and he proceeds to get beaten into a pulp by the Pro-Wrestler on holiday in Pattaya.

Conan and Udom          Udom and Conan

Conan and Udom Taepanitch

Udom was good to work with and concerned for my safety when I stood on hte top ropes, careful the electricity it is Thai style (which means general lack of electrical safety in this case). Though the ring was rather hard and Udom is not a fighter or a stuntman so the fight was not as hard as was originally planned, also the electrical lighting was too low to the ring to do a suplex or even a slam which left us with a very basic fight.

The movie has already had it's run in cinema where it seems to have been reasonably successful and a few people recognise me now from my appearance in E-Tim Tai Nae.

Now that makes 4 Thai movie that I have appeared in - Som Tam, Bodyguard 2, Hannuman and E-tim and Bangkok Adenaline finally finished filming an extra free running scene with Daniel and mostly edited now with a new release date in January in Thai cinemas. 

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