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Australian Wrestling Success - We Were The Most Successful Wrestlers In 15 Years

Friday, 13 October 2006

From the final wrestling tour, this is the tour on which I picked up the nerve injury which sidelined me for the next 5 years... 

Thunder VS Gothic Knight (Canada)

Thunder VS Gothic Knight (Canada) 


This photo was taken in Newcastle, Australia, on a AWF wrestling tour.

This was THE high point of my wrestling career, I was on a wage - I was actually getting paid a weekly wage to wrestle, there were 3 of us on this deal. This was the first time in 15 years in Australia that a wrestler could live on his wrestling money.

We had 2 cameras ringside and DVD's were being made and sold in small quantities, T-shirts were made and sold for each of the main wrestlers and posters and autographed photos were next 

We had imported wrestlers from the US and Canada to wrestle with us. 

We were the first full time wrestlers since the 1980's

I felt like a success. Things were going well - I had my ticket back to America booked for 2 weeks after the end of this tour - back to try with the WCW in Atlanta, Georgia again.

Life was going well, things were looking up, the ridiculous plan from that skinny 16 year old kid who wanted to be "The biggest wrestler the world had ever seen" was  coming to fruition. I felt good.

Too bad just weeks later it all crashed down when I lost all my physical strength on the right side of my body as I had contracted nerve damage.End of career, end of the plan, end of 15 years of hard work, end of feeling good.


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