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Reader Submitted Fan Photo From 1998(?)

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Adam from Australia sent in this photo he took of us together after a wrestling show in Shell Harbour Workers Club in NSW.

Judging from my physique it would have been in 1998 I think.... 

... Shell Habour Workers Club was one of the favourite venues for most of us wrestlers, even though it was 2.5 hours drive away.

The audience was always large, and they were enthusiastic, the lighting was good and there was a good sound system - so the colour commentators  could be heard clearly, this helped crowd participation and added greatly to the wreslting show.

All in all it was a fun place to wrestle.

Also this would have been the show that Fat Pizza came and taped to use on their popular SBS TV program, this was the 1st of two times that I was on Fat Pizza.

7ft Thunder And Adam

7ft Thunder And Adam 

Adam, who sent the photo in has been a fan since my old wrestling site days and is one of the few fans who has actually seen me wrestle in real life.

Thanks for the photo Adam. 

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