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Why Have This Web Blog ?

Sunday, 02 July 2006

This website / blog is to chronicle the pursuit of my dream to become the World's Biggest Action Hero.

I hope to share my thoughts and the hurdles I overcome to live the life I have always wanted.

6 years ago my dreams were torn from me and painfully, smashed cruelly by the random luck of life. For one full year I lay in bed at night, unable to sleep, with tears in my eyes from the agony caused by massive nerve injury.

Now, 6 years later, I am back, I will follow my dreams and like Rocky Balboa  I will make it "against the odds".

This is my story.... 

My website experience hails back to 1996. With a decidely bad looking HTML site.

At the height of my wrestling career in Australia I had a Pentium 133 laptop that I used to play around with as a hobby, in 1996 I started learning how to build websites - so logically I made one concerning my wrestling exploits.

Click on the main menu link "Conan's Archived Websites" then click on Thunder to see the final version of this pro wrestling site made in 1999.

In fact if you do a quick search with Google or Yahoo for "7ft Thunder" you will still get a lot of search results with my old wrestling name.

This site started as a hobby, then some of the local fan sites picked it up, then some of the large bodybuilding websites before I knew it I had 300 visitors a day - and I had not even left my lounge room! If only I had kept a wrestling / bodybuilding site running from then until now...

Following the website visitors came a steady trickle of fan mail and then some job offers.

This time I have spent a lot more time developing the website / blog, and as you can see, the technology has  improved heaps and so has the bandwidth - a long haul from those 28.8 modem days.

This time I am self promoting. I would like someone in the movie industry to stumble upon my site and get me that acting audition that I can get into and pass. As a side benefit the site has started to make a small income from Google Adsense - a small income that goes a lot further in Asia than in the West. 

I hope you enjoy this new blog site and if you have any suggestions please take the time to mail them to me I will consider your suggestions and I will reply to you.



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