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Benefits Of Bodybuilding / Weight Training

Sunday, 22 July 2007

I was talking with a bodybuilding friend the other day about our lives and how bodybuilding changed the way our lives have gone and the paths we took.  It was rather an interesting reflection, without bodybuilding in my life I would probably be stuck in my hometown working some sort of office job with computers.

The benefits of bodybuilding have been great, for both of us, but today I am going to talk about the benefits that I have personally gained... 

When I first started bodybuilding I wanted to get bigger so I could stand up for myself in a fist fight and to be attractive to girls. Little did I realise then all the additional benefits that bodybuilding would bring to me.

Benefits Of Bodybuilding For Me

  • Allowed me to become a full time action movie actor
  • Allowed me to live my dreams of being a professional wrestler
  • Girlfriends since I started bodybuilding - reads like a fantasy list
  • Self Confidence gains were bigger than my physical gains, this translated into many additional benefits
  • Got me work with Sydney Dance Company and my subsequent move to Sydney from Newcastle, Australia
  • Got me involved with some of my earlier International travel - New Zealand, India & Thailand
  • As an Entertainer I have met a ton of very interesting and unusual people that I can call my friends
  • Allowed me to work in some of the hottest nightclubs in town when I was still a teenager
  • Gets me a ton of respect from many people, especially in Asia
  • I can stand up and speak my mind and interfer when I see something wrong when others would be scared.
  • Free entry into most nightclubs even when I no longer work in security
  • Allowed me to work weekend nights and live a bodybuilding lifestyle going to the beach all day
  • Can walk down dark alleys at night and muggers are scared of me
  • I get respect when dealing with Authority figures like Police
  • Health
  • Learned how to diet and control my body fat levels
  • Keeps me looking younger than individuals who sit in office chairs all day

The benefits of bodybuilding go far beyond the muscle gains, the psychological benefits far outway the physical though it is good to have both as they tend to go hand in hand.

What I am not recommending is that you follow my life plan as I was very lazy for a large portion of it and really did nothing productive except go to the gym, living with a distinct lack of money after I stopped working security jobs has also been a challenge that has almost had me throw in the towel at occassions.

If you are in doubt about whether to start bodybuilding I say YES, go ahead get involved in your helath and well being. You do not have to become a competitive bodybuilder (in fact I recommend against this) to have a good physique, a healthy physique, and a younger physique. 

And most importantly to feel better about yourself, that would be the biggest benefit of bodybuilding.

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