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Thursday, 05 July 2007

Happy birthday to my website

Happy birthday to my website

Happy birthday, happy birthday.....

Oh, I'm 4 days late?

Luckily unlike an angry ignored girlfriend my website does not care that I did not have a party or buy it gold, but over the year I can now say that the website is a success...

The reason that I consider the website a sucess is because;

  1. I am now recieving an average of 1000 visitors a day
  2. The website generates a massive $15 a day which covers my rent in my studio in a low class part of Bangkok and covers my eating costs considering I eat Rice and chicken and Thai foods
  3. I am getting acting job leads
  4. It helps with my credibility when I approach overseas film makers, with the site I get taken seriously. Imagine if I emailed someone out of the blue "Hi I am a gigantic 7 foot tall muscleman unlike anything you have everseen before. I am a big star in Asia - will you give me a job?" - ZAP straight into the trash.
  5. I have met some interesting people who are involved in the industry and now have deveral people to meet when I go to L.A.
  6. I have met other people not in the industry who have become friends and have offered help in other ways
  7. I have recieved emails from people thanking me for writting about my life and experiences and difficulties and said that it had made a positive impact on their lives.

The bright thing for the future now is that this website is up and growing constantly, OK, I am making a whole $15 a day now big deal - well for me it is a big deal - it is like my unemployment benefit. 

I can live survive on this cash for my basic needs so I can negotiate harder for a job as I do not need the work and I really like the feeling of not dipping into my savings every day because as a struggling actor you need to control your finances you do not have the luxury of a weekly paycheck and who knows what is going to happen next week - maybe another military coup and all the movies will be scared off for the next 9 months again.

Also imagine when I do a major Hollywood film and people search the web for more info about the big guy in that movie - it is likely that I could increase traffic by 100 times to 1000 times.

1000 * $15 = a nice pretty lump per day for not doing any additional work, that will support a select and highly deserving charity or two in Asia.


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