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Christmas Stampedes

Friday, 24 December 2010

Well it has rolled around again - all christians go out now and in a shopping frenzy reminiscent of berserker Vikings discovering unprotected church gold on the shores of England, celebrate by going out to the Xmas sales with mobs of other mind controlled shopping zombies and putting yourself in credit card debt to 'prove' you love your family.... because that is what the TV tells you to do.

Here is a different take on Christmas from Rob Sheridan:


Awesome. Enjoy your friends and the things that are important to your life. Stampedes and fist fights over "sale" items is a bloody ridiculous way to celebrate friends and family. 

I have been accused of being cynical - here is last Christmas , and the one before . Not really much to get excited about is it when you look at the reality. 

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