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Oh Yeah, Happy Christmas And All That

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Just realised it is Christmas today - already, just goes to show how much of an event it is for me here in Asia.

Since all the Western Malls and Shopping centres have been playing annoying as heck crappy Christmas carols for the last two months now (something I am very glad to miss out on), here is an Interesting Christmas song from Jon Lajoie, a Canadian comedian making a bit of a name for himself on Youtube...

In fact I went to a Mexican restaurant just before Christmas and they has one of those crappy Christmas carol CD's playing and I asked the staff to turn it off, lo and behold they did. SO we listened to canned Mexican music instead, much better, seeing as I have heard the same crap carols for the last 3 decades and they have not improved any.

To visit his website click here Jon Lajoie

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