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Thailand And Cambodian Armies Fighting At Border

Thursday, 03 February 2011

Thailand and Cambodian armies are shooting it out again at the border while Bangkok hosts political rallies that have split Thailand. Fun.

Hopefully Thailand's internal troubles don't flare up while the the opposing armies fight it out.

Muslim insurgents killed 4 in the south of Thailand at the border with Malaysia too.

Bangkok Post Story - Good article

The Nation Story

Meanwhile the Thai Police are having a War On Crime, mainly targeting drugs usage across Thailand, aiming for a 20% decrease in crime in the next 3 months.

Besides all that things are running pretty much standard here in Thailand. Honestly living here makes you feel alive, nothing like any of this ever happens back 'home'. But you know what? The way the Thai people deal with all this is amazing, the media are calm, things will be fine.

OK, looks like emergency top level negotiations have secured a cease fire at about 7.30pm, so that was approximately 4.5 hrs of fighting, rockets, artillery barrages and mortar fire between the two armies. Pretty intense for the local residents I guess, well considering their school was blown up, huts set on fire and at least on confirmed artillery death "well inside" the Thai border.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 

And..... they are at it again.

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