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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Alright after much delay and much sidestepping the issue I grabbed my phone out of my pocket after training today and asked a fellow that I have never seen before to take a few photos outside the gym.

Conan Stevens July #8

Bigger Leaner And More Bearded Than Ever

Yep, I have a beard - why? I ran out of razors one day then forgot to buy them next 2 times I went to the supermarket and decided to grow it to get some new photos as I believe it gives my face and demeanor a totaly different aspect...

... and since there is a very big likelhood that I'll be playing big scary looking guys in movies outside Thailand (I no longer want to work in Thai movies they don't help my career anymore) I wanted to add the beard look to my portfolio as I believe it does make me look more menacing, especially when I put on a don't piss me off look, which is common when bypassing the touts abound in Pattaya tourist areas.

So where are my much bragged about six pack abs? Well that little softness at the bottom of my abs is the result of (1) still too much fat there, and (2) DON'T drink salt heavy sports drinks prior to a photo shoot, they make you hold water, and (3) These are untouched photos, completely without colour or light correction taken on a mobile phone with absolutely no attention to lighting.

Give me a week or so and I'll have some semi-professional bodybuilding photos taken with good lighting and a herbal diuretic (to lose water).

But for now, here are my current photos, this is what I look like walking around the streets, and remember I am 7 feet tall: 

Conan Stevens July #1

Conan Stevens July #2

Conan Stevens July #3

Conan Stevens July #4

Conan Stevens July #5


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