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Massive Chest Pump and Shoulders - 21 Aug 06

Sunday, 20 August 2006

21 aug 06 - Chest Pump

Massive Chest & Shoulder Pump 

Today is chest and shoulder workout day.  I trained Chest and shoulders together because....

When you work chest, especially benchpress you work your shoulders rather heavily too. To train shoulders again later in the week is a serious risk of overtraining.

Also today I change my training to a lighter workout with 15 sets per bodypart, aiming at 12-15 reps per set and not to failure.

First chest exercise I moved to barbell benchpress as I have not done these as a major chest exercise since my injury and even though I can do 5 plates on the hammer strength machine (each side) I can only still do a max bench of 3 plates. (1 plate = 45lb, + olympic bar =45lb approx)

If I stick with barbell benchpress as a major exercise I should see major strength gains and size improvements over the next 3 months.

21 aug 06 - Benchpress

Barbell Benchpress Cornerstone Chest Exercise 

Today I benched 2 plates for 5 sets of 13-15 reps, stopping before failure. My main aim is to get massive pumps and to train every 4 days or so for the next month.

After these barbell benchpress sets, and during my front shoulders were hurting - good pain - through being used in a movement they were not used too. Even though I had been using various machines for the last year, that says something about machines doesn't it.

So due to the shoulders (burning) pain I moved to do some dumbell flyes. My shoulders are too weak cannot deal with the dumbells so over to the fly machine

21 aug 06 - Machine Flyes

Chest Flyes on Machine 

Here I do 3 sets of 15, enough to tire my chest a bit so then I can hop back over to what I really wanted to do...

21 aug 06 - Superset Dumbell Flyes thThen Presses

 Superset Inclined Dumbell Flyes With Incline Dumbell Benchpress

Inline Dumbell Flyes superset with Incline Dumbell Benchpress. I do sets of 15. Starting with flyes until I fail then I continue with presses, so if I do 10 reps with flyes then I do an additional 5 reps of bench. I do 3 sets of these.

What chest exercises next? It is now 11 sets, I look around the gym, 4 more sets, 2 pumper chest exercises. Here we are Hammer Strength Incline Press, 2 quick sets of 15 then 2 drop sets on cable crossovers

 21 aug 06 - Hammer Strength Incline Press

Hammer Strength Incline Press for a quick pump

21 aug 06 - Cable Crossovers

Cable Crossovers to finish the Chest Pump 

That is it for my chest exercises and of course the end of the chest workout. Next is my shoulder workout

Now because my shoulders have already had a good workout and are sore I don't go too heavy, I just want to get some extra blood in there. Maybe tomorrow I can do some additional side and rear work with my back training if I feel they need a harder hit  

21 aug 06 - Dumbell Shoulder Press

  Dumbell Shoulder Presses

Next shoulder exercise - Dumbell shoulder press, as you can see in the photo this is light. I come right down with the weight until the dumbells touch my shoulders, I do 3 sets of 15 reps again.

21 aug 06 - Side Lateral Raises

Side Lateral Raises For Side Delts 

Side Lateral Raises to pump the side delts, I do 3 sets of 15 again with a reasonably light weight

  21 aug 06 - Conan Stevens

Big Chest &Shoulder Pump 

And here are the results, a good chest pump, considering I stopped dieting yesterday, give me until next week when my muscles fill back up and I will look huge. 

I am happy. I am definitely getting bigger chest, and my shoulders are gaining quickly too.




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