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Chest and Shoulders 9 July 2006

Sunday, 09 July 2006

Today I train Chest and Shoulders. But first some theory

Right, I feel good. Finally after a good talk with my mate Hilly we have decided to get back to basics, back to what made us big in the first place.

Heavy, heavy weights, low reps. Easy.

Now in the second week of this training my body is hurting like it never did with the 15 sets of 15 reps pumper work out, or any other combo training I have done for a long time. 

  9 July 2006

Chest and Shoulders Training

Read on for full workout details.... 

9 July 2006

  Hammer Strength Chest Press

First Chest exercise - 3 sets Hammer Strength Chest Press, 1st set was 5 plates for 4 reps. That maxes out the machine, there is no more room to add weight, shame that I will outgrow this by next month, it is a nice smooth machine, though it will be better for my chest strength and gains for me to get back on the barbell bench press.

9 July 2006

Inclined Dumbell Benchpress

Next chest exercise is inclined dumbell benchpress - 3 sets, this weight is heavy for me, though I believe it is more my triceps than my chest that is giving out.

After this I did this Hammer Strength machine called a "jammer" or something - would like to jam it up the a$$ of the guy who bought it and get something more useful like the hammer strength seated hamstring machine. The Hammer Strength Jammer is a standing contraption that is like a cross between a high incline bench and a military press.  I just used it as there was no one in the gym that I trusted to spot me for military press or dumbell shoulder press - it did the job (sort of), and I like to do a crossover exercise between body parts - in todays case something that works chest and shoulders equally..

9 July 2006

Side Lateral Dumbell Raises For Wide Shoulders

Conans Tips: Do not worry about moving the weights to where they are supposed to be finishing. Concentrate on using the muscle, feel the muscle you are supposed to be working, if you cannot do it drop your weights until you can.

I can do a workout throwing the weight around like a deranged, stinky, madman (every gym has one) or I can grab 20lb dumbells and get a reasonable (but boring) workout - it comes down to using the muscle 

After the shoulder exercises I did some flys on this great machine that you hold your arms out straight the entire movement which makes it virtually impossible to cheat. 3 sets and thats it.

Total 15 work sets, and I was still a little bit sore from last week. 

9 July 2006 9 July 2006

Chest and Shoulder Pump

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