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Strength / Weight Training For Women

Friday, 24 April 2009

There are many Strength and Weight training for women programs available on the internet and most, if not all, I say are just junk made to try to sell something to women who are likely to know less about training and supplements than men are.

Now the reality for a strenght or weight training for women routine is that there will not be too much difference from a man's routine who is looking for the same end goals.... 

Most strength and weight training for women routines stress lots of reps awith small weights to "tone the muscle".

When was the last time anyone told a man to do lots of reps with a small weight but not to failure to get any kind of benefits, growth or even "shaping" of the muscle - no one tells a man that so don't bullshit the women. This is pure rubbish from personal trainers or magazine hacks with no experience, the theory being the woman won't hurt her muscles (as she has not trained them) and therefore will be able to come in again to do another personal training session.

Many women do not like to make the muscles hurt and personal trainer friends of mine have said the same thing, when they were younger and enthusiastic they would make their clients muscles work, make them sore, the clients would not return after a session or two. The personal trainers I knew would just shrug their shoulders and say so "now I just give them what they want" - a nothing workout in many cases. 

But What If You Are Serious About Your Weight Training

Strength and Weight training for women should be the same as strength and weight training for men, that is all there is too it. Train the same, eat the same, just supplement extra iron during the month cycle.

That is about it.

I guess most weight training women will go for a more athletic body and do more gernalised, overall exercises and more cardio (to cut fat) than most men (as women tend to hold more fat on average) and fit, slim athletic women are considered attractive, as are there male counterparts.

Not so many women will go for the muscled out freaky look that some males prefer, and so their training will not be the same as a bodybuilder. Where big men are still attractive, big strong women are limited in their dating prospects rather severly. 

Strength Training For Women

A good friend of mine used to train the Australian female powerlifting champion, he used to also train with me, and in fact he used to train me as I had little experience in the lifting that we were training with him, and guess what? The strength training that I was doing was the same as the strength training for women that his female champion was doing - just that I added a bunch of bodybuilding exercises on top of the powerlifting base, and ate a lot more food than she did (she was lifting in a weight class I believe).

So whether you are strength or weight training for women you should in reality see little difference from what you would do as a male.

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