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Sore Lower Back After Squats

Monday, 20 November 2006

Do you get sore lower back pain the day after squats at the gym? So do I, here's how to overcome it... 

The day after heavy or deep squats I almost always get sore lower back pain, just above the top of my buttocks.

Now this is caused by one of two things;

Either you are doing squats with incorrect form and are using your back to lift the weights, this occurs when your back is stronger than your legs. In this case drop your weights in half and start to concentrate on your technique. There is no use using a large weight if you are not training the target muscle group. 

Now if your form is good then it is most likely that your hamstrings / glutes have tightened up overnight as you slept. This pulls your hips out of their normal alignment and causes pain. This is what happens to me, it sucks.  I get up and walk around like an old man for the first 15 minutes...

Stopping the sore lower back pain

You will need to stretch, as soon as you stretch you will feel the tightness and some small pain both in your hamstrings, maybe glutes and of course in your lower back.

Stretch out until the tightness is gone, do this 1st thing in the morning, you may find you have to do it again in the afternoon and again the next morning.

Start stretching your muscles between sets at the gym, all your muscle groups. Have a good stretch session for each muscle group at least once a week.

Personally I need to stretch my hamstrings and chest more than any other groups - you'll probably find it the same.

Over a period of weeks you will find that the lower back pain decreases and disappears, but you have to continue your weekly stretching regardless of whether you are in pain or not.

If The Pain Continues 

There is one other reason you could have lower back pain too, it feels like muscle pain, similar to the above mentioned pain, but it does not go away.  This can be from your kidneys, they need cleansing.

Failing that it might be time to see a chiropractor,or a caring doctor.

and NO pain killers are not the answer. 

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