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Lower Back Pain - Might be Kidneys

Monday, 21 August 2006

Speaking with my mate Anthony the other month, he was suffering lower back pain same as me. I thought my back pain started with this stupid badly designed leg press at the gym, but it had been weeks now.

The back pain was maybe 3-7 cms above the top of my but and was definitely in the middle of my back and it definitely felt in the muscles.

Then I found out differently, a quick dose of herbal tablets healed my lower back pain.....

Anthony was talking to Mr. Universe Shane Stratton, Shane said it was kidney pain - when was the last time we went on a cleansing diet? Never

Shane suggested Milk Thistle Extract (Silimarin or Legalon), we both thought crap, we've been  training long enough to know internal kidney pain and muscle back pain, but we were also smart enough to take the advice of someone more experienced than we.

We got the Milk Thistle and started taking it, within a week the lower back pain had gone.

We now continue to take the Milk Thistle on a regular basis. Personally I drink regularly and the Thai Whiskeys like Sang Som and Mekong,  can be pretty heavy going on the kidneys

If you have chronic lower back pain and you take drugs (from the drug companies included) and/or have a moderate alcohol consumption level then maybe you should shoot down to the pharmacy and pick up this herbal remedy - it is cheap and Milk Thistle stops lower back pain caused by kidneys

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