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Lessons From A 3 Legged Dog

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hopping around my apartment complex is a 3 legged dog that I see pretty much daily. Now you might not give a semi feral street dog much attention but here in Thailand you do or they'll sneak up and bite the back of your heel right at your Achilles tendon, or worse the other dogs in it's pack will join in and you'd better be willing to fight.

So paying attention to the personality of the dogs is a big must if you don't want to end up as dog food.

But this 3 legged dog, what is special about him, I mean besides missing a leg.... 



He is happy. He hops around with a big smile on his face and if you call him he hops over with a friendly expression. He doesn't compare himself to the other dogs. He doesn't lay about in fits of self pity. He hops around, eats, drinks from puddles and wags his tale hoping ot get more food. In other words he goes about his doggy life.


Missing A Leg And Still Happy With Life 

Yet I know people with minor ailments who use that as an excuse why they can't be happy, why they can't get ahead in life, why they can't do this or that. Petty excuses

They dwell on their misfortunes and look for the negative and bad aspects of their lives. I know, I was like this when I was young, I was frustrated and angry. My hometown had little in the way of opportunity if you didn't get a trade or an office job amidst massive layoffs due to automation and double digit unemployment.

Luckily I was introduced to some positive people via Amway and was intelligent enough to see their overall message on how to achieve success. So I started listening to tapes from successful people, I started reading books on personal development and biographies of successful people I thought I could learn from.

Doing this gave me hope that I might one day be able to become a movie star like I wanted deep down inside (but would never admit to anyone at that stage I still had to get big and get to the US to wrestle as my primary initial stepping stone goal).

Having hope changed my circumstances, well to be honest my circumstances were exactly the same but I had a paradigm shift - I viewed the world differently, and having a future to look forward to made me happier. I still did not know how I was going to be a movie star but I now knew that if I just headed in that direction I would find a way over time and have an adventure while doing it. 

And what an adventure it has been so far! I have mad more life experiences than 10 of my friends who chose more traditional office jobs. 

I remember at the time when I had this paradigm shift explaining to a friend I was trying to help "It feels like I am in a rocket ship that is taking off, but just as I leave the ground I notice the fog that I was lost in was only 8 feet high. There is so much more to life it is unbelievable"

Doing anything at all to raise yourself will get you up out of your 'bad circumstances'. As I wrote above it is like the 'fog' was only 8ft high, you just need to raise your awareness a little bit to be able to see to the horizons and almost anything is possible in life. It is YOUR choice but make a goal and write it down.

Just live your life. Enjoy your life. Look for the good things and you'll find them. Chase a goal that will make you happy.

 And be happy like the 3 legged dog.

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