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51 Easy To Prepare Cooking Videos Up

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

All the old Cooking With Conan videos have now been uploaded to the Conan Stevens Youtube channel, many never seen before.

The next round of uploads are filmed on a modern camera in Full HD so quality will be much better.


It Never Rains It Pours

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Since I cannot write about what I am doing so much these days I have not been writing so much, but here is a run down on what's been happening and what I have been too busy to do and unfortunately missed:

I have appeared in a TV pilot and visited Los Angeles, USA and the very famous Hollywood, learnt my way around there and caught up with some long term pen pals there as well as a very respectable agent from a very respectable agency, a manager and a bunch of other industry people, did a couple of auditions. Got some good advice and it was a good trip, I know my way around LA now and am prepared to go stay for a while soon. I think I am quite prepared enough at this stage and just need to build a reputation in LA as a step forward next.

Since then I had a quick beach holiday in the tropics completely forgetting it was monsoon season, so it more hot sticky indoors holiday as I only saw the beach from a rainy, wet distance.



Jimmie Wing Shoots New Conan Portfolio For New Specialty Agent

Friday, 14 March 2014

After years of not being asked for headshots because headshots are useless because my height and physique are the important factors in my castings - the number of times I was called in as an agent sent a photo of my face only to be told "Why didn't your agent tell us you were so tall?" to which the only answer I had was "Because my agent doesn't do his job properly."


Jimmie Wings New Intense Headshot For Conan

So  why did I go and get headshots now? Well the answer was to find a specialty agent where ALL the talent is either very short or very tall - how tall? Well you have to be over 6'6" (198cm).

But wouldn't being listed with a bunch of other tall actors increase the competition and make it harder to get work? As a beginning talent that could be a problem, as an established actor with a certain specific niche (sometimes called a stereotype) this is not something that bothers me.

On top of that the Agency specialises in Fantasy and Science Fiction movie placements.... perfect!


International Bodybuilding Magazine And 4 New Film Projects

Monday, 03 March 2014

Anyone who checks the Conan Stevens IMDB page will notice a few new additions recently. In fact there are four new additions to the page.

Well about time you might say, well yes, but considering I had last year off in The Philippines to fix a nasty case of metabolic syndrome (diabeties, leaky gut, severe mental fog, ineffective immune system, battling with 5 hrs a day exercise to keep lean, hypo thyroid, chronic fluoride poisoning, chronic fatige, adrenal exhaustion, magnesium deficiency, hyper calcemia, etc) not to mention the massive frustration at having eaten exactly the diet we have always been taught to eat when it turns out nearly all that information is incorrect (high carb, low fat diet).

So besides all that I have still managed to be somewhat productive while returning to health.


The German Vikingdom DVD Cover Is Conan

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pretty chuffed about this:


That is Thor, the character that I play as the entire DVD cover for the German release, and probably other European releases as well.

I'm pretty impressed, I know it's not a blockbuster movie but it is again another step onwards and upwards and it is a milestone in my career.

In other news 2014 looks like it could be a rather busy year for me, I hope so as I am very keen to work and gain more experience. Let's see how it all pans out.

And a BIG thanks to all my friends and associates enabling all this, without these guys I'd be a very struggling actor still.

And thanks to Giulia from Germany for emailing this to me :)

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