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Life Is A Game - Play To Win

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

I saw an interesting quote today that got me thinking:

"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers" - Ralph Nader

I was challenged on a forum that I post on recently that this site was for my own self agrandisement, not true. I write this site for two reasons (1) Self promotion, I am trying to advertise myself to a wider audience and gain more work (2) To open up myself and let others see how I am getting ahead in life so that maybe they can learn from me.

These naysayers would rather have me keep quiet rather than show others that life is a game you can win... 

I have never had a Fan Club, despite numerous offers to set up and run one for me. This has never been of interest to me. I do not do this to be idolised though I know it will happen eventually.

I want people to know that they are better than their current life circumstances tell them. I want those who desire a better life to know that they too can win in the game of life.

I am a normal (tall) guy. I do not have a naturally good bodybuilding physique, I worked for 20 years to get one. I have sacrificed short term comfort and safety ( a job) in an effort to attain a somewhat greater goal - to accomplish my life ambitions (sometimes called a calling or life work).

I am somewhat arrogant and short tempered at times, I have failings and I have weaknesses and 'character faults' according to some people - I like drinking, partying and womanising. Anyone willing to dig deeper can probably find more.

I have problems, difficulties and faults, yet I am slowly dragging myself to success, I am pretty much the same as the next person underneath it all.

BUT I see that life is a game and I enjoy it, I enjoy the gamble of chasing a dream and the risk is what makes it thrilling when you succeed.

Life, like any game, would get boring quickly if there was no risk involved.

So if life is a game then you should play to win, do not read what I do and think that'd be great - get out there and do it too.

Do your thing - do what you have always dreamed of, do what would make you happiest in life. Be a success in life and enjoy your life to the fullest - you only get one game you know.

Don't be a follower, be a leader and then help others achieve their dreams too. 

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