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Biggest Loser - Lose 28lbs In 6 Days

Friday, 22 February 2008

Flicking though TV stations while waiting bored in a hotel room I recently saw an episode of the Biggest Loser - it's the TV show where 'teams' of obese people compete against other teams to lose the most weight each week. I good loss in a week is about 6lbs, which is 3kg.

Well in the last 6 days I lost 13kg which is 28.6lbs!!!

Want to know the 'magic' supplement that caused this massive weight loss?

Well, I'll tell you... but first some background.

I accidentally found this secret 'recipe' while on holiday in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is available pretty much anywhere through out the Kingdom I daresay and it costs little more than bravery.

The 'magic' fat loss ingredient is Cambodian Tap Water.

Well as far as I can pin down that is the culprit. I foolishly swallowed a little water as I wet my mouth after brushing my teeth. Having lived in Thailand now for over 2 years the stomach bugs in Bangkok rarely give me more than some tummy grumbles these days so I am not overly cautious like tourists should be.

3 days of vomitting and 5 days of diahorrea later and 28.6 lbs lighter I wish I was on "The Biggest Loser" TV show, at least I would get something for my pains.

Things are not as bad as they sound though for me, now I am just weak and slightly dizzy with exertion, and my tummy still grumbles a bit but I am eating every 2 hours again (small meals, I even made it to the gym today for a light workout:

Of the 13kg I reckon about 2-3 kg will come back as food refills my intestines and 3-4 kg will come back on as my muscles refill with glycogen.

Leaving me about 7kg down still, much of which should be water I guess.

As a benefit the stubborn fat layer around my lower abs has disappeared and I am a lot leaner, one female friend thinks I look better like this - I asked her does the yellow jaundice colouration really suit me that well?

Right now I am looking forward to eating full meals again with big chunks of meat, not just yet but soon, and packing on the weight.

After 5 days of eating very little IF I choose well I should be able to get a rebound effect, like someone coming off a strict bodybuilding competition diet,  and bounce back up to my original weight but with less fat.

Lets see how it goes over the next 2 weeks. 

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