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Conan And Friends Catch Armed Robber

Friday, 18 September 2009

A couple of months ago we had an armed robber hold the girl in the apartment next to mine at gun point and try to rob her. She screamed, which awoke me and alerted some other residents.

As soon as I heard the scream  I jumped up out of bed, ran to the door and heard Ski, the apartment owner call "Stop him." I knew something was up.

Dressed only in red boardshorts I raced dopwnstairs to find a ladyboy thickset Thai fellow struggling with one transgender resident and Ski, the American owner helping. I pushed them both out of the way and... 

... grabbed the robber put him in a sleeper hold (who says Pro-Wrestling isn't real?) and the robber had a little nap, he must have been very tired running around all night. Upon Ski's suggestion I checked his pockets and found a razor knife, his bum bag had already been torn off in the struggle - this contained a replica pistol.

Taking control of our prisoner I forced him to the ground and threatened to smash his face in if he moved. The Police arrived quickly with the Pattaya People media crew, and so it turned out that I appeared not only in the Pattaya Newspapers and TV but a friend in Bangkok said he saw me on national TV too.

Here is the news webcast from Pattaya People :


The reporter wanted to interview me but a that point I did not want to draw attention to myself and defintely did not want people knowing my address or area where I lived so I kept rather quiet and refused to give details to the reporter.

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