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Eat Dog Meat

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Eat dog meat - Would you do it?

Eating dog has been a part of many cultures for hundreds, even thousands of years. If you were starving, not 'starving' in the Western sense of the word (hungry), but starving in the real sense of the word (as in you are going to die) and Fido was sitting in the corner chewing a bone he'd buried last year. Wouldn't you be looking at Fido and seeing a big lump of delicious, life saving, dog meat? Dog meat, sorry Fido, would be straight in the pot.

And so there I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant in Northern China, filming in the Hindi movie Chandni Chowk To China and I was handed the menu - Dog Meat - right there on the menu. The Chinese lady says to me "Do you eat dog?" with a sly smile knowing Westerners don't eat dog.

Here I took a photo of the menu with dog meat, I didn't take a photo of the dog meat, but I did take a pic of the menu... 

Having lived in Asia for several years the Chinese lady's question did not shock me, in fact in Thailand in the North East of Isaan on the Laos border they still eat dog, Korea, Cambodia too, Vietnam, Phillipines, Laos, and probably a few others all eat dog meat.

When it comes to starvation you'll eat anything, you'll even eat dog. In fact dog meat is considered quite a delicacy in many parts these days.

Dog Meat On The Menu (China)

Eat Dog Meat - It's On The Menu

And yes, that is chicken gizzards at the top there.

But in Asia eating dog is not so far out there, not when they also eat;

BBQ Frogs           Starship Troopers Eat Your Hearts Out          Thai Food Deep Fried Chicken Feet

Frogs, Bugs And Chicken Feet 

Yeah, eating dog meat is not too different after all.

In fact Dog has been eaten throughout history in Europe and in many parts of the world. Poland, France and Germany are all known to have eaten dog, especially during times of war, which is pretty much a constant in European history.

When you eat dog, it is not the family pet, as I used humurously in my opening piece but dog meat bred for slaughter on a dog farm, just like cattle on a cattle farm.  

The main objection to eating dog meat is of course that dogs are considered intelligent and friendly to humans - to those people I would say try dealing with the feral street dogs living in Asia, they run in packs at night chasing down weaker humans. They will attack, and if they got a small child alone they would eat it. Add onto that these dogs are stupid, not like the dogs we have bred as pets in the West. My pet labrador when I was a child was Einstein compared to these stupid mongrels.

Back to the story.... Dog meat - would you eat dog?

Or more importantly, for me, did I eat dog?

Uhmmm.... No. To be honest I'd rather eat bugs or chicken feet. I have too much of an emotional attachment to dogs (except the stupid feral street dogs) to go eating dog meat without images of puppy Fido playing in the fields. So I ordered chicken.

If you want to try eating dog you can order dog meat online direct at 

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