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Affirmation Statements - Most People Waste Their Time

Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Affirmation statements are short sentences you say over and over to impress their meaning upon your mind.

The reasoning behind  affirmation statements is that if you say certain words to yourself over and over the universe will attract those things to you and you will essentially get something for nothing - what rubbish, that is not how the world, nor affirmation statements work.... 

Here is how affirmation statements really work in a practical, reasonable way…

Now first of all I do believe affirmation statements work, but not in the way commonly touted. Richard Bandler whose work was a major turning point for all this stuff (he is the founder of NLP) himself says that many people have a tiny voice in the back of their heads.

Now I want you to sit back and listen to your thoughts for a moment, just stop reading this page and look at the thoughts racing through your mind. Do it now.

OK. What did you find? If you are like me then you heard many short monlogues, worries, concerns, I am hungry (I get that one a lot), work, all normal day to day things. A lot of these are negative though, as in the thoughts aren’t about happy things.

The Thai people have a saying "You think too much" - this is not a positive thing for them and funnily this applies to almost all western foreigners here.

You can stop these worries and put your mind on track by doing several things.

Affirmation statements are one way and day dreaming (visualisation techniques) is another. What these do is replace those worries with positive thoughts. By thinking about good things, like instead of worrying if your new business is going to fail you think about how good it will be to pull in those extra dollars this month.

Remember the last time you saw someone really stressed, were they fun to be around? Did you enjoy their company ? Now imagine that same person at a time when they were happy - there's a big difference in someone's energy/attractiveness/magnetism depending upon these simple factors.

They are short statements that reinforce something good you want to come into your life. One thing though they have to be phrased right or they won’t work. If you say “I am rich and wealthy” and you’re not then that little voice will say “get stuffed you’re poor just look in your bank book” so the trick is to say something believable apparently.

The mystic personal development types tell you that by repeating these mantras such as:

  • The universe is of abundance, the universe provides for me
  • Let go and let god
  • Peace and prosperity are mine
  • Wealth, Health and Happiness
  • The Hale Bop comet is coming to take me away to a better life - ;)

Now the first problem with these "affirmation statements" I see here are the words, I mean who goes around talking like that? Oh praise be abundance and let abundance flow over me - sounds like a cheesy line from a B grade 70's movie about a cult.

You are much better choosing something in your own words, something that sounds natural to you, something that you would possibly say to a friend.

These people also belive that the Universe will magically shape energy and deliver their dreams to them without them making an effort. They call this Intention Manifestation, these people also believe in fairies and Santa Claus - they want something for nothing. Lazy.

Mainly I would suggest using affirmation statements that counteract that little nagging voice and to prepare for upcoming situations.

Richard Bandler suggests before going into an important meeting/date to concentrate on the “Ride of the Valkeries” by Wagner  (opens a new window when you click so you can load it while you continue to read)

OK, so before you go into the meeting you play this through your head with huge thunderclashes playing for the symbols you imagine yourself powerful warrior walking through a battlefield lightning and thunder crashing about you the enemy is scared.

Now you do that, really do it, imagine it in your mind, see it all, but most of all feel it - feel the power in the music.

Go into your meeting with that same power and confidence and blitz it. Though not quiet an affirmation statement it has the effect that I believe is the power behind affirmation statements - shutting up or overpowering that nagging voice of doubt and worry.

So choose your affirmation statements in your own words, choose something that is going to shut up that little voice in your head and choose something powerful that you can FEEL through into your bones.

And the final most important piece is get off you backside and do things, action your affirmation statements, don’t just sit there and mumble little lies to yourself - your affirmations should empower you to go out and grab your goal with both hands, drag it to you and make it yours.

I got excited just listening to that music. It is a technique that works - get to it!

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