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I Can't Succeed My Life Is So Hard - Results Or Excusitis

Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Recently on a Bodybuilding forum I read a post by a fellow who was moving on to campus, he was whining because all they supplied him with was a microwave oven, wooh is me, cry cry cry. I cannot possibly become fit and muscular. I cannot succeed my life is so hard...

This example of excusitis is not just limited to this single individual.

Now to show how you can succeed and prosper in a difficult environment, let me tell you how to beat excusitis...

But first let me illustrate the point with a short story on my difficulties of living in Bangkok and how excusitis is not a part of my life.

First up I live in a small "studio" apartment, more commonly know as "My Room", it is about 45 sq meters and contains my bed, cupboard, clothes, an enclosed shower and bathroom, and cooking area. The cooking area is a vanity unit with a rice cooker and a electric wok.

That's right. I do all my cooking off a 1 foot by 2.5 foot area. I am 140kg and I manage to cook all my own meals, eat and not only maintain but grow in these "difficult" circumstances . I do not have a microwave, toaster, or hot water jug, none of the modern luxuries, not even an oven or a hot plate - everything I cook is in an electric wok and a rice cooker.

Do I let excusitis take over because of this? No.

I have cold running water in the bathroom sink and a cold shower (with live electrical wires sticking out of the wall nearby - for the now missing heating unit), this suffices for all my washing and cleaning needs. Hot water is a luxury I do not currently have.

Do I let excusitis take over because of this? No.  I still shower.

4 months ago our apartment complex got coin operated washing machines, for the 9 months prior to that I HAND washed my own clothes with a scrubbing brush.

Do I let excusitis take over because of this? No.  I washed my clothes.

Internet has been sporadic at best with frequent time outs and losing work that I was saving online.

Do I let excusitis take over because of this? No.  I still worked on this website as best I could.

For the first 6 months I trained in a Thai gym with some great guys. None of them spoke English and I did not speak much Thai (less than 10 words). The gym equipment was right out of Pumping Iron - circa 1960's, the bars, machines, weights, everything were all rusty. The powerlifting rubber weights were all chipped and cracked - you had to lift them to check the weights physically to try and balance the weight either side of the olympic bar.

The gym had no Air Conditioning either.  36 deree heat (97 fahrenheight) and humidity through the roof, just walking to the gym I would be soaked in sweat. After a workout I would take my shirt off and ring it out, wash it in the sink and it would be drier then when I took it off.

Do I let excusitis take over because of this? No.  I still trained.

When I first got here it was near impossible to find beef at a reasonable price, I used to buy it from a local stall that chopped up the meat on a big wooden block with cats and dogs sleeping around the place, the cats and dogs keep the rats away. But the market stalls like this are open air affairs with many vendors selling everything from ducks, chicken, pork, veges, fruit, etc all fresh that day. No refridgeration. Keep away from the seafood after lunchtime.

90% of bodybuilding supplements are not available in Thailand, only very basic WPC80 protein powder, creatine and some amino acids. 

Clothing and shoes are a continual problem, worse for me here in Asia.

Yet with these interesting circumstances do I sucumb to excusitis, or do I just go about getting on with life? I have a million things I could use as excuses but that would not build the life that I want.

So now back to our original guy. I feel so sorry for you, you moved out of home and now have to look after yourself. If that is your excuse for not succeeding in your quest for personal fitness then you deserve to lose, you are pathetic. Actually for this persons mindset I am sure any excuse would have done, This is what I call excusitis

ANY 'problem' can be turned into a benefit.

From my experiences here I have now learned to cook tasty Thai food using bare minimum utensils, I never have to eat boring steamed chicken and rice again - I can now whip up 6 different chicken dishes taking 5 minutes each.

My grip strength and forearms improved dramatically after hand washing my clothes, esp towels.

I am now conditioned to the heat here and it barely phases me anymore, yet others who spend all their time in Air con offices, apartments and shopping centers still melt even after they have been here for years.

Cold water? There's a benefit there I am just not sure what yet. Stops me from being mentally weak maybe.

Living in a strange country with strange customs and a very strange language. I now understand another culture reasonably well, the customs I do not fully understand but I now have more 'tolerance' for different peoples and cultures, and I can now speak enough Thai for my day to day needs, and improving quickly.

My difficulties have lead to my improving myself and my abilities. 

In life there are only two possibilities – Results or Excuses – if you have the results that you want congratulations, if not all you’ve got left are excuses. - Brad Sugars

I am out getting results, what are you doing? Life is up to you, make excuses or get results.

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Excusitis is cured by your choosing not to be mentally weak and standing up and chasing what you want in life.

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