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How To Ask The Right Question To Get The Right Answer

Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Do you ever have a problem and you just canít figure out how to solve it?

Do you spend hours and hours thinking about the problem but no answers come?

Here's how to fix that wasted time and solve problems quickly... 

I used have trouble solving problems. Than a mentor explained to me how to solve problems easily.
He said "What are you thinking about?"
My answer "The problem."
He then explained to me that thinking about the problem was only going top make me depressed, it was much better to think about the answer you wanted. Spend time and mental energy thinking about the outcome you want, this will lead you to the answer to solve your problem.

The way to solve problems is to change your mental focus.

So instead of thinking I have no money (as that is a self reinforcing thought) it is better to think how do I make more money?

The change in thought patterns from the negative and destructive thought I have no money to the positive question How can I get more money is amazing.

Let me list the advantages:

  • You are thinking positive thoughts, this keeps you in a better frame of mind. Nobody thinks straight when they are depressed.
  • Now you are presenting a question to your mind, this gives you a chance to answer the question, sometimes the answer will just pop into your head from nowhere - this is your subconscius at work
  • When your friends ask whatís on your mind you can tell them your question and they can help you with it since you are asking them a question they may have a solution or suggestion that helps
  • You now have an action that you can work on whereas otherwise you would still be lost in the problem

Start writing down the answers on a piece of paper, sit there for about 30 minutes and just ask yourself the question over and over - write down every answer that comes into your head. You may just find the answer comes through this method.

Even if the answer does not solve the problems immediately you can be assured your subconscious mind will work on it. Think about the question at night before you sleep, and think about the outcome you would like, sometimes you will wake refreshed and the answer will just pop into your head.

Often taking a break will help. When I owned a laptop shop and was working on a broken laptop computer for hours with no idea what was wrong often I would go for a walk over to my friend at the health food store and have lunch and chat about other things for an hour then go back to the shop mentally recharged and get the answer in the first 2 minutes. Sometimes being too close makes it difficult to solve the problem.

This works for your overall life ambitions too. Ask yourself what you want from your life, then change the question to suit your life goals better, keeping your end result in mind.

For me I had been trying different ways to make money with a good lifestyle. This lead me to re-establish my childhood dream of being a full time actor.

The Problem: I have not enough money and I work too much

The Question: How can I have a fun life  with heaps of money and a work schedule that allows me to travel often, live abroad and have plenty of free time - and to work my own schedule

The Answers: I came up with several answers - Rock Star, Movie Star, Professional Public Speaker, Work On The Internet (Programming or Sales), Professional Wrestler, Gigolo, Toy Boy, or become a freelance Consultant.

My Solution: This took a fair amount of time, here are the steps I took to realise my dreams:

  • I tried playing music and made friends with a couple of bands in my local area. I then realised how hard it was to make it big time so I gave up (and one of the groups I knew was Screaming Jets who went on to become big hits a year later - lesson donít give up because it seems hard)
  • Movie Star - in Australia, fat chance
  • Professional Public Speaker was interesting. I went to the National Speakers Asociation of Australia meetings and got the info I needed. Upon consideration I would have to either pursue a career talking about Personal Development or Business. Personal Development was interesting but to talk about success when you are not successful is in my eyes no better than selling snake oil or penis enlargement pills - itís charlatanism. The other option was to speak about business, which meant I had to learn about business - uhmm no thanks. If I enjoyed business I would have gotten a job in a corporation
  • Working on the internet was an option that I did not mind, I tried this for a year working with an affiliate marketing company. Then when I had just completed my first big deal the handshake agreement fell apart - the affiliate network owner turned greedy as soon as money became involved - the affiliate network then stuffed up the deal so no one got anything - 1 year of sitting in front of my computer 16 hours a day and nothing to show
  • Professional Wrestler was still not an option due to the nerve injury that had sidelined me previously but I had given it my best shot
  • Gigolo and Toy Boy - money from prositution - sorry not for me. 
  • Consultant. This one I did for a little while, small business consultant, again I made friends in this field and made contacts. I had some success mainly in the field of rewriting advertisments. Then I came across my enemy - greed. I ended up in disagreements with my customers continually over spending money on advertising. They were too tight to see that spending $500 to bring in $900 of profit was not an expense, they were too greedy to part with the little money to get the big money. Even after I had talked them around and proven it several times. I found my friends in the business were having similar problems.

I then changed my original question and added ďÖwithout clients or customers.Ē

That left me with acting - my life long dream.

If I had followed my dream and asked how I could become a professional actor earlier in life things would be much different today, and I would not have wasted all the time in between. I hope you can learn from my mistake.

Due to several factors (market size, lack of movies being made, my size being a hinderance for drama, etc) I could not become a full time professional actor in Australia and earn good money - can you see the anwser to this problem?

Problem: There is not enough work in Australia for many full time actors, and most of them are paid minimum wage, a lot less than if they worked in an office. Bad prospects at little pay

Now I had a problem I had to ask the right question.

Solution: How can I become a full time actor when there is no work in Australia?

The answer is obvious isnít it - I sold up packed my bags and moved to Asia where I landed a movie role within the first two weeks through a friend whom had landed a small part in the same movie.I also managed to get a leading part in a TV commercial in that same time, then shortly after a part as a featured stuntman in a pirate movie.

And I haven't looked back since.

Learn to solve problems effectively and you too can enjoy your dream life.

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