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Why Not Many Updates?

Tuesday, 04 September 2012

You may have noticed that I no longer update this site as much as I used to, certainly not every second day as I did when I started it. There are several reasons for that....

One reason that covers several smaller points is that I no longer need the website as I once did.

The most important reason is that the website has served it's function.

Initially I started the website to track my progress as an Actor as it happened, capturing the excitement and disappointments at the time they happened. This I have done.

As a "wanna-be" Actor in my teens I had no idea, no plan, and no path to take, on top of that my home town had little work besides local catalogue work or the very occasional local TV commercial. For this reason I have laid out my attempts.

You can follow me from my small unpaid stunt roles in Asian movies , through to my entry into the US film market. This in itself should provide some ideas for anyone in future wishing to follow my career path. Though my adventure is far from over, at this level I cannot write about most of what I do until it comes out in cinema or on TV, and I definitely cannot write as much about the audition process either. So in all that leaves me little enough to write about my career, except official announcements.

Though I am still doing things my own way, and still do not have an agent, the network of people I know or can get in contact with now changes the game - this is not something a start out actor can emulate, also mentioning my current credit list or emailing a link to my IMDB page  often gets people's attention enough to get my foot in the door and at least have a chance to show what I can do if there is an appropriate role for me - again this is not something you can do earlier in your career.

And then I see people like Sir Ian McKellen, Sean Bean or Akshay Kumar and I realise that I am still only a beginner in my trade, but I have gotten over the first hurdle and can see how to work my way ahead.

One word of advice - try to avoid a crippling nerve injury that smashes your career one week before your flight to a new life, and leaves you to start from scratch and then to try to restart your acting career again another 8 years later - it's a bit of a bummer.

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