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Growing Up In Newcastle (Beach)

Sunday, 02 July 2006

A brief history of Conan Stevens from 0 to 23 

School in Newcastle was typical for an Australian - some kids picked on us, we picked on other kids. I got sick of a few of the bullys giving me crap everyday and is one of the reasons I picked up bodybuilding originally.

As a typical Australian teenager I spent a LOT of time at the beach, Newcastle Beach, Nobbys Beach, Redhead Beach. 

After school I went on to the University of Newcastle - a whole new atmosphere, responsibility, bodybuilding, machine guns, a few lectures, bayonet fighting, and cheap beer - it was a fun time for me......


Som Tum Movie Casting (Tom Yum Goong part 2)

Sunday, 02 July 2006

Som Tam (Pronounced Som Tum) the new Thai movie of the year is casting in Bangkok at the moment.

I meet with the Assistant Director on Wednesday - watch this space for updates. 

Nathan Jones is also signed for this movie. Two seven foot giants in one movie - this will be awesome.

 WEDNESDAY UPDATE - Met with the Assistant Director, and the Producer today...

Read more... Website Now Live!

Sunday, 02 July 2006

WOooooo WOOOooooo....

2.40am July 3rd 2006 - - home of the Worlds Biggest Action Hero - goes live.

Now I can go to sleep, right after I get some more food, that was a nice 18 hr coding session.


Why Have This Web Blog ?

Sunday, 02 July 2006

This website / blog is to chronicle the pursuit of my dream to become the World's Biggest Action Hero.

I hope to share my thoughts and the hurdles I overcome to live the life I have always wanted.

6 years ago my dreams were torn from me and painfully, smashed cruelly by the random luck of life. For one full year I lay in bed at night, unable to sleep, with tears in my eyes from the agony caused by massive nerve injury.

Now, 6 years later, I am back, I will follow my dreams and like Rocky Balboa  I will make it "against the odds".

This is my story.... 

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