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Why The Worlds Biggest Action Hero? Selling Yourself

Monday, 16 April 2007

Some of you may have noticed that I bill myself as World's Biggest Action Hero - some dispute this claiming someone else is bigger or better, some question my sanity. It all comes down to two things.

Semantics and direction. 

Several years ago when I owned a small computer store a close friend and brilliant business man advised me to advertise that I was the biggest computer seller in Australia. His reasoning was that I would get more people in the door, and then if they questioned how I could be a bigger seller than one of the big chains like Harvey Norman - well you name one salesman at Harvey Norman bigger than me.

Therefore I was the biggest computer seller in Australia. Even at my smallest around this time I was still 7 foot and a fit 285lbs.

Today as the Worlds Biggest Action Hero I am slightly taller than Nathan Jones who would be the only real contender to the title, but speaking with Nathan the other day he said he is not so interested in following an acting career at the present time (though he certainly seems to be doing OK from it). Whereas this is my whole and entire life focus.

This is where direction and determination come in. I am focussed on this being my title, not only in terms of height and weight but in terms of ticket sales at the box office. There has not been a good Action Hero since Stallone and Swarzenegger in my opinion. These guys are real hero types, they look it, they act it, they are it. Looking at their careers and lives they live the fantasy, Arnold continues on successfully in politics, Stallone is still in shape and makeing movies at 60! These guys are heroes off the screen as much as they are on the screen.

Dolf Lundgren is another fellow I look up to, he has made a few good movies and continued on his path with a string of B grade movies almost every year since Masters Of The Universe. He wrote, produced, directed and acted in his last one - "The Mechanic". Another successs story on and off the screen.

I plan on doing a succession of 'A' grade movies that are hits at the box office, then using this to travel the world and work in all the major movie markets. I want to work on a big production in India, in China, in Korea, Japan, France, Czech Republic - I want to be the worlds first truly International Movie Star.

For those  of you who have read this far I will let you in on a secret. There is one other major compelling reason why I bill myself as the Worlds Biggest Action Hero. And this reason I learned from Dan Kennedy, probably the best selling professional speaker alive.

Dan Kennedy is a marketing and sales expert, unfortunately I cannot afford his fees as he is very expensive and rightly so, but fortunately he has written a series of books for those of us who want to understand what makes him a success.

One thing  I picked up from him is the value of positioning your product or company when you try to sell a product. 

What this means is that you make yourself the best in what you do, this gives you credibility and this translates to an easier sale.

Now imagine I walked into an agents office in Hollywood, compare these two approaches;

  •  Hi, I just came over to see if you needed any tall actors, I have experience in Australia and Asia and I would like to work in America because the money is better. Do you want to represent me?
  • Hey There! How's Things? I'm Conan Stevens, hottest new action star right out of Asia, I currently have 4 major roles coming to cinema in the next few months. How would you like to represent the World's Biggest Action Hero? I'm sure we can both make a killing.

You get the idea, excitement, one of a kind, unique, already a success, sounds a lot better than another wannabe arriving in Hollywood with stars in his eyes and little in his head.

So now you know why I am the Worlds Biggest Action Hero. 

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