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Top Stuntman Buster Reeves Interview

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Buster Reeves, one of the world's top stuntmen, was interviewed in HBO's behind the scenes series "The Artisans" which you can watch later in this article after I have my say.

I worked with Buster Reeves closely for the fight with Rory McCann in the upcoming TV series (april 2011) from HBO called "Game of Thrones".

Buster is the fight coordinator which means he is responsible for dreaming up the unique fight sequences, taking into account a  ton of details which he explains in this interview.

Better yet for me, Buster drops a rather nice compliment about my abilities... 

Watch closely from the 1:32 minute mark onwards to see some 'walk through' action of the fight between Sandor and Gregor and to hear what Buster has to say about it.

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I particulary like the bit where he says "Conan... has a hell of a lot of athletic ability about him." Wow.

Coming from one of the best stuntmen in the world that really means something to me. Especially since I see myself primarily as a Stunt Actor rather than as an actor.

Buster Reeves also had some nice things to say about my abilities the first time we met and worked together, which meant a lot to me, and it proves that the Professional Wrestling and Fighting with the SCA were in fact, as I suspected, good ways top go about getting the stunt training I needed. 

But for me professionally it is even better to have it in the public domain where others see it. 

The funny thing is that my acting abilities,  seem to be putting me in good stead in auditions, now if it gets out that I am fairly handy in fight sequences with a range of weapons and am willing and able to do my own stunt work that will definitely seal the deal in many of the types of movies that I am aiming at.

Yes, I know I am talking a lot about myself in these recent posts, but this is an important pivot point in my career. Mmy life could change very, very dramatically, very, very quickly and I want those who follow in future to know my thoughts and the process as it happened.

I can tell you it definitely isn't luck

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