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Want To Be Involved In A New Web Series?

Monday, 30 April 2012

An associate is Producing a new web series described as... well here are their own words:

The Clandestine is a comedy webseries about a group of geeks who form a secret outlaw motorcycle club.

It's Sons of Anarchy meets The Office. The show takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and takes the piss out of nerds and motorbikers... and old people... and everything else.

The show features killer motorbikes, sexy ladies, geeks doing dangerous stuff, a great sense of humour, and a soundtrack packed with music from the best up and coming bands in the Irish rock scene.

Geeks by day, outlaws in the disabled parking during their lunch hour, I think this has a good chance to take off.

I have supported them with a pledge and possibly some other help, if you are interested in being involved in a new series that has potential to take off then pop over to their kickstarter page and get involved for $10 or more.

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