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Another Auditionless TVC For Conan

Friday, 19 March 2010

Just recieved a call last night along the lines of "Hi Conan, I am in a bit of a rush right now but are you free to do a TV commercial next week for $x?"

To which I replied... 

Yes I'll have free time but my minimum fee per day is $y for the standard 12 hour day.

This new payment figure was instantly agreed to, meaning that I should in fact raise my fees in future, but this being a friend who has helped me in the past before I have no qualms in taking the lesser amount.

Once again my reputation is getting me work without auditioning, as an actor this is were you want to be in yoru career. When you reach this point you'll be on the verge of 'making it' so to speak. No longer do I have to contend with the 'cattle calls' (open casting where everybody can attend), and no longer do I have to sit in rooms full of 'juniour artists' with no understanding of the industry who think they just need to be discovered to be the next Brad Pitt.

This is the point now in my career that I have hit a turning point and things from here will rocket forward rapidly, a lot of the financial stress of the last six years has gone and there is a very bright future ahead for me in the near future (read 2-3 years), even this year has started well already appearing in 2 movies, with another movie 90% sure and now this TVC. None of these jobs I had to cast for.

(UPDATE 2015: I have to alugh at my earlier writings like this article, lucky I was still so niave and hopeful or I might have given up as I really had no idea how the industry works - though SOME actors do get a lucky break at about this time in their career, most slug it on and grow the career slowly into success.)

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