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Scorpion King 3 To Film In Thailand

Sunday, 01 August 2010

AWESOME NEWS! Hot on the heels of my recent signing with HBO as Gregor Clegane this will open the way to negotiations to getting into the Scorpion King 3, AND most importantly the possibility of being hired as main cast - as in hired from L.A.

Exactly what does this mean? 

IF I got onto the Scorpion King 3 then being hired during the main round of castings means;

  • better pay as I'd be hired from America under US working conditions
  • main roles are cast in the US, left over small parts are cast in Thailand
  • status on set, meaning I will be looked after and work directly with the US production company and not through a 3rd party local production company
  • working with the US people would improve my chances of networking and gaining future employment

Now the question remains - are there any suitable roles in this for me AND can I get into the casting (in this case yes) and can I successfully cast for the role - this depends upon how suitable a role might be for my skill set and look and somewhat my past roles.

I am inclined to believe that in a fantasy movie such as the Scorpion King 3 there could well be a character role that I would be suitable for., and already being in Thailand production would save airfares and accomodation expenses on me over a foreign based actor.

Let's wait and hope, my manager is already onto this. 

(UPDATE: I did cast for a MAIN role but then the actor originally in negotiations back tracked and accepted the standing offer so the part was withdrawn, though offered a much smaller part I thought it best to politely and thankfully decline.)

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