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Wednesday, 03 November 2010

During my break between filming episodes of HBO's upcoming "A Game of Thrones " I have been hard at 'work' searching the internet, looking for openings and new possibilities. I have found some... and some have found me....

I must here say that I now have a manager helping look for suitable work through his contacts so this should be increasing my work opportunities nicely, plus a good friend in Hong Kong who has introduced me to a few people (well told them about me via the 'net) which is helping too.

First up an email from my manager who chased up an audition I found that I have not written about - today I was told, now this is verbal only at this stage so things could change easily, that it looks like I could have a small speaking part (what  we call a 50 worder in Australia) in what I call an 'A' grade Hollywood film. 

* UPDATE. The part I have been offered is not the part I auditioned for, it is a smaller role, still a speaking role but only just. If it was a smaller movie I would think twice about accepting the role at all as I believe I have moved beyond these bit parts and I think it hurts my career to go back to doing them.

(UPDATE 2015: lol, yes, lol. I laugh at myself from this time. This 'large movie' was "The Hobbit" and a very good part originally (before all creatures were recast as Computer Graphics)). 

Nice for several reasons. Money. Yes money is always nice especially when you are short of it.  Credit in what will be a well known movie, this is more important now than before.  A credit means my name is listed in the final role of credits at the end of a film (UPDATE: actually I had a title role credit = beginning of the movie)  - meaning I had a significant part, extras do not get listed in the credits and therefore do not get credited for the movies they work in. As I gain credits having HBO, this one and the next one I shall talk about soon (if I pass the audition) it will establish to anyone skimming my acting CV that I am professional and playing in the big league and never will I hear again "Oh, but they are all just Asian movies....". Working in 3 big name productions also shows that I did not get lucky once but that it is a continuing trend.

Pride. Yes I take great pride in being tested and passed as being sufficiently skilled to act at this level, this increases my confidence too and shows me that all the naysayers and people who told me I could not make it or that I was doing everything wrong. It alleviates self doubt, which is the main cause of screwing up auditions and careers.

Take note of that. Even my acting teacher once more than implied that I was not a real actor, and the head of the institution told me my approach was wrong. Ignore these people. A good tip is that successful people often have the best advice. Not small community theatre actors mascarading as professional acting teachers.

I found that a big, or should I say BIG upcoming movie had a press release that casting had started. I found this article on an obscure (for me) website. I immediately passed on the relevant links to my manager and asked him to chase it up as I know the story and the genre (type of movie) and I know there are several parts specifically suitable for me to try out for. Turns out my manager knows the casting director quite well and my name is on the table to audition for suitable parts.

A friend in Australia emailed me that another big US cable TV  show is auditioning in Australia for fighter types, I got my name on the table but they want me to wait until next season to do an audition. (UPDATE: This show was STARZ Spartacus :) As you should know by now I did eventually work my way into this show)

My friend in Hong Kong recommended me for a fight movie a few years ago, I did not get to the audition stage (but sometimes you don't have to audition to get a part). What movie? Hmmm... well OK. It was Undisputed 3: Redemption starring Scott Adkins . I know I was looked at seriously but I did not get into that film. Now this month I was contacted by some of the guys who worked on the Undisputed team to appear in their next fight movie. Coincidence? I think not. I think they had me in mind from my previous recommendation. Thanks Mike!

Now here comes a big surprise from the past. A friend, Timothy, whom I worked with in the Sydney Dance Company now imports from China to Australia. On a recent visit he bumped into a young movie maker there and mentioned my name to this aspiring director. Seems they need a bodybuilder type for their next movie.... not shooting until late next year. We have exchanged details and are now in contact when he is nearer starting the project we can talk about the role again. (UPDATE: fizzled out, no idea what happened)

Another big surprise a fellow who watched Bangkok Adrenaline came to my website and emailed me, he is pitching an animated show to a network at present and a friend of his is currently casting a movie with a role that might be suitable for me so he has emailed his friend my showreel and biography links and if his friend agrees  and has not filled the part yet there is a chance I could get work from this.  (UPDATE: fizzled out)

On top of that I turned down an Indian movie role and a TV commercial role for my own reasons, did I mention actual money was an important reason to work? I was called for these locally from people who knew me from previous work.

If more 'actors' spent more time looking for work , chasing opportunities, making waves, getting known, improving their skills and marketability they would spend more time working and less time sitting around chatting about rumours like an old ladies knitting circle.

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