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Wake Up Call - Conan Style

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Last night I was uncharacteristically up until late so this morning I slept in a little...

Until my phone rang and fully awoke me

"Hi Conan, it's xxxx, we have a main character part in a new movie we are making with yyyyy (whom I also know well), are you free for about 5 days shooting in the next few weeks?" 

Todays phone call I do not know any details yet. I'll write up as much as I can this afternoon when I find out more. 

Add to this the phone call I recieved yesterday that the Indian movie is going ahead and that the producer was interested in me flying to India for a few days filming, next I wait to see if he is interested in paying me the money I am asking.


*Update: Typical, filming won't be for around six months, so I'll just forget about it until then and add it to the other 9 movies that are on the backburner. 

This is very frustrating I would just like to go to work and earn a fair paycheck (some desperate 'actors' work in Asia for $25/day) - which means I'll be redoubling my efforts to get my latest movie script finalised so I can present it to the interested investor and hopefully get hte ball rolling myself.

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