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Bangkok Adrenaline - Mansion, Bad Guys And Kidnappers And How I Almost Quit - UPDATED

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

This weeks shooting of Bangkok Adrenaline was rather strenuous and fun.

As the story line goes we four out-of-luck (loser) foreigners kidnap a rich Entrepreneurs daughter, there was a couple of scenes that had the crew in fits of laughter and the investors puckering their sphincters. 


Ninja Conan Steals A Chicken

This week also saw more than it's fair share of dramas....

That's right even at this stage of the film it was almost at the point where the film would not be completed. But first we'll go over some scenes. 

Disturbing as this photo is, it is not the reason that I was almost out of the movie. Here "King Kong" is dressed as the owner of an S&M Bar, the tattoos were drawn on with marker pen, and the costume - I am not sure where it came from and was a little to afraid to ask. 


"I'm Not Gay, I'm Just Androgynous"

On monday we turned up to a huge pile of boxes in the front of the mansion - this could only mean one thing - STUNTS.

Cardboard boxes tied together with safety mats lashed to the top provided a safety crash mat in case something went wrong with the rigging that was to hold the actor in place. The cardboard boxes are a standard stunt requirement internationally. Marky Lee from Australia was on set this day, down from Rambo IV to oversee the safety for this particular stunt.  


Stunt Crash Mats And A Pile Of People On The Roof

And here is the stunt actor - Ice - hanging from the roof. In the scene he is dropped on a wire to control his fall. The stunt guys were all upset that there was not going to be a high free fall from the roof. But the news did stop them fighting over who was going to jump - everyone wanted to do it. 


I'll Take My Villans Shaken And Not Stirred

Group shot of the stuntmen, including their new "leader" Ice in the singlet. Through personality and effort Ice has progressed from a standard anonymous stuntman to a full character with lines, even though his English is not 100%. 


Head Bodyguard Ice - quote: "Welcome To See You Again"

Evil kidnappers John and Conan, in costume - except my costume became short sleeves about 30 seconds after this photo. 


Conan And John Ninjas Or Kidnappers Or Idiots? Watch The Film To Find Out

After shooting some scenes with the short sleeve shirt I can happily say that my arms look massive, more than I realised. Over the last two months I have reverted to powerlifting style of training and more concentrated efforts on my arms as they tend to grow to quick for the rest of my body. Watching playback on the monitors all Gwion could say is "no one can see anything except massive biceps all over the screen".

Cutting breads and milk from my diet (I had gotten lazy again since Christmas) as well as changing my carbs to Oats rather than so much white rice has also gotten me leaner and harder, I have abs now and the muscles in my arms are incredibly detailed. 


Big Muscular Arms Of Conan Stevens



Geoffrey Giuliano And Eric Dodd

The mansion was incredibly plush inside, here is a photo from a scene with Geoffrey at breakfast in the coffee room. 


Geoffrey "Relaxing" Between Takes

Believe it or not but at this size the mansion is only 2 stories, the amazing aprt is that right next door, just over the wall is a slum.

In the slum entire families live in one room corrugated iron huts in the blistering Tropical heat, it makes you wonder.




This Weeks Problems - Why I almost quit

Without going into too many details I can say the following. The scene that is the reason for me to do this movie was going to be cut due to excessive budget restraints.. The total number of shooting days was reduced from an initially planned 45 days, now we are down to 25! You can imagine the urgency this places on the crew. 

There has also been some discussion that Eric's methods are not in line with standard Thai Film practises, seeing he was trained in the Indie Film scene it is only reasonable to think that he would not work the same as a Thai Director.

After a disagreement over directing practises Eric and the investors decided to part ways and Ray Huber was thrown into the unwanted role as new Director, with a very experienced Thai director as an assistant,  to help organise the camera crew so Ray could concentrate on the Actors and the story.

The excessive budget constraints stopped after Eric departed. There were rumours that my big fight scene was cut (in fact one scene was cut but another smaller one was added) and it was, this was a part of the original verbal agreement that we'd each get a good scene we could use for showreel, this was the main incentive at the initial meeting to make the movie.

All I'll say is that Eric leaving and the cuts in shoot time led to difficulties and broken promises.

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