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Conan Appears In New True Legend Teaser

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Just wrote a whole article on the new teaser and my F'ing Internet dropped as I saved it. Look inside for some pics and a summary, Iam rather pissed off as I wrote quite a bit...


Conan Stevens as Molotov In The Epic Chinese Movie "True Legend"

One question I am asked a lot after someone watches me fight on film is "Does it hurt?"

"No", well generally not" but then I have a high level of tolerance to pain, I guess it comes from putting my body through daily pain in the gym, the years spent wrestling and working the door in some pretty bad pubs and clubs, and the amount of muscle on my body helps too.

You see in the teaser I get hit in the chest but it has little effect. My chest is a hard pad the preads the effect of the blow over an area, like a bullet proof vest does, so it seems I have a punch proof chest.

The same cannot be said about my back though:


Bruising From Being Kicked In True Legend

It hurt a little bit, but that helps with reactions, you can see that in the film. I wince each time he kicks me, this looks better on film as it is a real reaction not some stupid staged acting method.

Watch 50-55 seconds closely - do you recognise the 7 foot tall pirate looking character called Molotov?

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