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How To Get Auditions From The Internet

Sunday, 02 January 2011

Again while many 'actors' sit around waiting for their agent to call them for a casting I have been at it myself, trying to create my own work. Scouring the web for new possibilities , making my own luck .

This is a lot easier than you might think... well make that it is a lot easier than you think once you have built yourself into a definite niche product with the required skill sets and enough experience to be taken seriously when you make your pitch. Oh yes, did I mention that you have to learn to sell yourself ?

So what do I do to get these auditions and leapfrog my career way ahead of where it stands now?

Well first up you need to be confident or no one will take you seriously.

Confidence means you have the ability (skill through a LOT of practise) and you believe in yourself, not this "Fake it until you make it" bulldust and it certainly does not mean swaggering around bragging how good you are or that you are a Star just waiting to "be discovered". 

You need to be skilled in your niche, to make yourself a valuable addition to the cast in the movie. For myself I am not only tall, but I spent decades buildingmy physique and given a few months can vary from MASSIVE to athletic and cut with an 8 pack of abs depending upon the role, so I have an extraordinary physique, AND I can fight staged combat fairly well with a range of weapons, add in that I believe that I can act out certain roles well.

So when I look for movies to get into the auditions for I look for certain, very specific movie types and very specific movie characters. I do not try to get into any movie I can get the audition information for, nor do I just look for big guy roles.

I look for movies that definitely need a character like me, something that will suit me perfectly.

Quality swords and sorcery (fantasy) type stuff like "Game of Thrones" is a good example where the casting people thought the same as me or "Lord Of The Rings" would have been perfect IF I was well known enough and confident enough at the time to have a shot at it (I wasn't), but there are new movies coming out all the time like "Clash Of The Titans" remake, or "Soloman Kane". Do you get the idea of the sort of movies I am looking for?

In fact I found a sequel being made soon that would be imminently suitable. In fact someone I previously worked with said I would have been perfect for the original movie so as soon as I saw a sequel was being made I jumped to it.

I mailed an agent the details and asked him to look into it, and mailed a friend who worked on the original to ask if he knew who was casting the sequel.

To quote an old Australian saying all I want is a "fair go".

I just want to be able to put my skills on the table and have a chance to audition.

You notice i did not impose upon my contact and ask him to "get me in" as so many people I do not know ask me to do for them. All I want is to have a chance to compete at the level at which I believe I can achieve (and was told I could do by this same fellow).

So now once we chase up the casting agency my agent will contact them and find out if there are any roles suitable for me (I think a definite yes in this instance - *UPDATE: it seems the agent did not contact them even though he told me he did!) then we get to business for organising and doing a casting, mailing off a download link for the casting agency. I may then be required to do a secend audition, or I might be flown into the US/wherever to meet with the Producer/Director for them to assess my skills in person and my personality to make sure we don't clash and that I'll be easy to work with.

So there we go. Mind you if you have a lot of experience then the casting agents will be less likely to dismiss you straight away.

Make yourself a valueable addition to the movie genres you want to work in, then target those skills then those few movies you'd be perfect for. Don't run around chasing after every movie role you can get, specialise and get known in the industry for what you are good at.

Chosing my roles carefully I'll hope get to be known as a good (or at least able) actor, chosing the wrong role could ruin my career at this stage. Though I doubt anyone would be so silly as to cast me in such an unsuitable role as it would hurt their production more than my career.

I hope this helps some aspiring actors, and for my regular readers you now have an insight into what I do almost daily shuffling around the web for a couple of hours, often with no idea of exactly what I am looking for - just "opportunities".

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