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Wednesday, 08 December 2010

HBO released a 10 minute "making of" The Game of Thrones (GoT) called Inside Game of Thrones, you can view the entire video over at the Winter Is Coming Fansite , or over here on Youtube. I feature very briefly in this.



Gregor "the Mountain" Clegane Is An Angry Man

In the "GoT: The Artisans"  there is an interview with Tommy Dunne (click to watch) , the Weapons Master on GoT. Tommy specifical mentions me as an example of a sword being specially made for such a big character, it is also an interesting look at what actually needs to be done in regards to the weapons. There will be as steel sword for instance, an aluminium one, maybe a carbon one, and a CGI version all of the same weapon, often several copies to cover accidents. A lot more work and equipment to lug around than you'd think.

Thirdly in GoT news there was the third teaser released recently too... again over at Winter is Coming or again over at Youtube

More screencaps and some interesting news inside.... 

Here are another bunch of screencaptures. Thanks go to for alerting me to the availability of the screen caps and for providing them, if you want to know more about GoT go and visit them .


 Still fighting with my brother




 Teaching him to respect his older brother (again)


 Back of Gregors Head, it is nice to see the detail in the finish on the back, I never saw the chainmail covers before as they are put on after I get intothe main body of armour.


Conan practising with a wooden sword so no one gets too hurt.

The news? I have an audition for a movie that I would be very happy to work in, and I might have a horror movie to work on too.

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