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Finding Time To Train

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

"I can't find time to train" the cry echoes out around us in our busy modern lives. So many people forego thier fitness commitments and allow themselves to become unfit and flabby, yet there are others around us who seem to find the time and get fitter and better looking all the time. 

What is the difference? Where do these people find the time? 

The secret is they do not find the time - they make the time.

The time in everyones life is the same 24hrs a day, same 7 days a week and hte same 365 days a year, what we do with our time is determined by how important we rate the commitments in our lives.

For most people work is the number one commitment, and this takes a large chunk of  most people's everyday life but again that is thier choice - you do not have to go to work everyday, you do not have to work 9 to 5 (or more). It is a decision, an easy one the society and our education systems encourage us into, but you can structure your life differently if you want. I chose not to work in an office, I chose not to work regular hours and so did many of my friends. It is not necessarily better but it is our choice and as such we have more freedom in how we spend our time.

For now though we will leave the job in place, I am not going to advocate massive life changes in this article.

So leaving that black hole of 40 hours a week in our lives plus 30 minutes either side travel (45 hrs/week) and assuming 8 hours a night sleep  (56hrs/week) gives us 67 hours a week to do what we want.

That is a fair chunk of time in reality, yet how we spend it is determined by our priorities.

The average American prioritses TV very highly, 4.5 hours a day in fact (32hrs/week) but I have already discussed the benefits of no TV

If you have children they take a lot of time too, as do social obligations and sporting teams.

But most people sit around gossiping, relaxing, or wasting time with magazines and newspapers 

If you really want to get fit and find time to go to the gym you have to prioritise your fitness and health at a higher level, if TV is more important to you than your fitness then you will have little chance of getting fit.

To do this the first step can be simply drawing up a table with each day of the weekl and each hour of each day, then as yor week progresses you fill in what you did each hour at the end of that hour. You could be in for a huge surprise on how much time you thought was productive that was actually wasted. This alone can find you that time to train.

Secondly you are going to have to spend some time raising the priority of fitness in your own mind, visualisation and affirmations are two ways you can do this. Think about the benefits often, plant the seeds that this is what you really want in life then automatically fitness will become a bigger priority in your life.

But in the end it is up to you to make the effort to make the time to train. 

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