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Ancient Asian Cure For Obesity

Monday, 06 November 2006

An ancient cure for obesity? Yes, I found it just yesterday from a most unusual source. 

Living in Asia has it's advantages, every now and then, especially when you talk to the people from the less developed areas, you come across Ancient wisdoms and medicines, like this ancient cure for obesity.

Yesterday while having lunch with a poor rice farmers daughter from the North Eastern Issan region of Thailand I learned this age old wisdom to avoid gaining weight which is a definite cure for obesity...

Issan is the lest developed region of Thailand, it is also where all the food staples are grown, and many exotic foods and medicinal herbs come from, ah ha a mystical herbal natural cure for obesity?

Not quiet, more like ancient wisdom that Westerners have forgotten. 

... We were having lunch - I was eating a large serving of spicy pork omlette and rice (Kai Jeow Moo Sap Gap Khao) and she was eating a plain (read extra spicy) bowl of chicken and noodles with an egg mixed in. Now my friend is a tiny petite small woman, in very good physical condition, yet her height and build have nothing to do with this ancient cure for obesity (before anyone uses that as an excuse) she is only 5' tall and 45kg. So for her to gain weight would be very, very easy as even a kg or 2 would show quiet dramatically on her tiny frame.

The Cure For Obesity 

So we sat eating, about 1/2 way through her bowl she sat back, I looked at her inquisitively. She thought for a moment and in broken English uttered these words of ancient asian wisdom passed down generation to generation.

"Eat just enough, not eat too much or get fat."

She then pushed her bowl away and ordered a drink of water. If only all the educated Westerners could only follow this girls example then the West could find the cure for obesity themselves.

Do you want to get fat? OR lose fat

The Cure For Obesity Challenge

I challenge you, next time you sit down to eat (especially you Americans) to look at that heaped plate of food and ask yourself just how much you really need to satisfy your hunger.

The cure for obesity is simple, stop eating so much junk and so many calories - your body does not need them, also eat natural unprocessed foods and it probably would not hurt to do some of the best cardio exercise.

Now you know the cure for obesity. 

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