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Coffee Whey Protein Drinks *Updated* Now With Chocolate

Wednesday, 01 November 2006

Getting ready to go to the gym and being slightly bored I was tossing up between a coffee or a protein drink I decided to combine the two. So what is the result like,? Well let me tell you... 

The whey coffee protein drink seems the ideal pre-workout drink. A coffee hit to help training intensity and fat metabolisation and a good protein hit to digest and release by the time you finish your workout, giving your muscles the chance to suck in much needed nutrients instantly.

So I made myself a coffee, then into the blender with a nice sized scoop of unflavoured whey protein (WPC80)  poured it out and the taste?

Honestly the whey coffee protein drink is not as good as coffee on its own, it tastes a little strange but not unpleasant, but not good. But then I did not like coffee the first time I drank that either.

Hmmm... something is missing. Ah huh!

I mix in a dash chocolate flavouring - perfect - whey chocolate coffee protein drink

Man I am going to add this to my regular pre-workout diet.

Have a try the whey chocolate coffee protein drink is tasty.

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