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Conan Stevens Interview On Pattaya TV

Friday, 18 September 2009

This week on Pattaya cable TV this 20 minute interview is showing, regularly. Better yet you don't have to travel to Thailand to watch the interview, you can watch the video right here!

Interviewing me is Raine Grady from Capital TV, Australian viewers will recognise her from the travel shows in Australia as Captial TV films Destination Thailand and Travel Asia which are syndicated around the region.

In this interview.... 

... Raine does a very good job directing my ramblings and keeping the interview flowing a few times I get stuck.

I am happy about this interview, I think I come off quiet well and  entertaining for sitting in a chair poolside at Tony's gym, knowledgeable with little anecdotes of interest.

Running on the beach in the full DVD version you can also see all the cuts and lines in my chest muscles which surprised me, but next time I'll have to remember to keep the abs flexed whenever the camera is on me.

The Fitness/Lifestyle/Training DVD mentioned in the interview will start filming very shortly, I am rather annoyed at the various delays but have borrowed a friends camera and if required will shoot it myself in a raw, true life style, but lets wait and see what happens in the next few days. Hopefully we can film this before I have to dissapear to Laos for a week to visit a friend and explore the place a little better than last time.

The DVD will be available directly from this website, don't worry just check back in about 2 weeks or so and it'll be plastered on the site, you won't miss it.

Conan Stevens Interview Part 1

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Conan Stevens Interview Part 2

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