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New Years Eve And Day With Conan

Thursday, 01 January 2009

So what is life like at party time for an Internationally successful actor, what are the parties like, who was I seen with....

I was seen with none other than a big group of hairy, muscular wrestlers and some assorted other action guys - Jon Heidenreich, Matt Morgan, Sylvester Terkay, Dom (ex special forces power house) and producer/director/what needs to be done guy Big Mike from Hong Kong, with our translator Bruce.

For a big New Years Eve we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Beijing, China and got to watch some Chinese guys spill out of the Karaoke place next door and have a short punch up.


Yes, we are living the high life.

And what about New Years Day? I woke up to breakfast being delivered to the hotel room, ate that, screwed around with my programable Nokia N95 for an hour as I had to reset it yesterday as I forgot my PIN code to unlock a new SIM card, then I went to the gym trained shoulders and did some cardio - to help prepare for the up coming fight sequences.

Luckily I ran long distance as a teenager for sport and have always taken to the water and swimming when it was possible so my lungs get in shape very quickly.

Then we ate lunch and went to meet Yuan Woo Ping, the Director at the set and show him some of what we can do.  Jon Heidenreich came particularly well prepared and helped everyone make a good showing.

Except me, I sat back. It has been decided that as I have some weapons experience then I will be fighting with a two handed hammer or axe or somesuch and will be waiting until a suitable weapon is found or made until we start choreographing my fight.

And tonight I stayed in my hotel room to finish reading a Horror Movie Script that has been sent to me to see if I am interested in playing a part, it is very gory, too much so in fact, but I need the US work so I will take the part if and when filming is scheduled and I am offered a contract.

That makes 3 pre-production movies that are interested in me appearing in them, all US straight to DVD movies filming in the US, sooner or later one of them will make it. 

Exciting New Years Parties....... well not this year..... but then when you live in Asia as a minor and rising celebrity your whole life can be as exciting as a party, might be a military coup party but it'll be exciting.....




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